Easy tips to learn English in a short time is not impossible. So for those of you who realize that your English language skills are still not perfect but want to be able to learn English. Take it easy, because you can still learn on your own and speak fluent English. Surely you are curious about tips to make it easy to learn English by yourself.

Frequently Listening to English Songs

The first easy tips for learning English quickly is that you can often listen to English songs. This method is a fun way to learn English and certainly won’t be boring, because who would have thought that listening to music can also master one of these branches of language and literature.

Watching Movies in English

An easy tip to learn English quickly that is no less fun and exciting is to watch English films. So, watching movies from outside with subtitles can also be of great help to you. At least in the movies you watch there are lots of new words and lots of words that will help you to repeat. This will help you become familiar with the pronunciation of the words and their spelling.


Reading Books in English

The next easy tip to learn English quickly is to read English novels, such as foreign novels. As you read, you will not only learn the written language the author spoke, but you will learn many new words.

So here, you have to come to terms with the use of fennel, because for sure you will also find a lot of foreign vocabulary there. If necessary, write down the foreign words and translate them into Cooratcoret, so obviously, you will be diligent to become your expert.

Summarizing the New Vocabulary

Easy tips to learn English quickly and then you can take notes on new vocabulary that you find. So after reading, listening to music or after watching a movie in English. Therefore it is necessary to take note of new and unfamiliar vocabulary. Next, memorize the vocabulary and its meaning. Make sure the vocabulary you save is one you don’t understand. If there is a family vocabulary and you know it, you don’t have to repeat it.

Writing Vocabulary In English

The next easy tip to learn English quickly is to take a proficiency test. If you have ever learned English pronunciation by watching movies and listening to music. So you have expanded your vocabulary. So the next step is to try to write using English sentences. Write simple and easy sentences in English This way will also make it easier for you to get used to using English.

Practice English

In addition to practicing written English, other easy tips to learn English quickly you can try speaking in English. If you’re still shy and unsure whether you speak English, you can always practice using the language. For example, practice speaking in front of a mirror. At least this way, it will help you learn to pronounce English more proficiently.

Make Friends With Caucasians or Proficient in Foreign Languages

Another easy tip to learn English quickly that you can try is to make friends with foreigners. Actually, you don’t have to be friends with strangers. But make friends with Indonesians who are fluent in the language. Should? Actually, you don’t have to. It’s just a means.
Making friends with strangers in this case is divided into two contexts. Context of friendship and live friendship on social networks. Making friends on social media is also almost like learning English by reading foreign books or watching movies. At least you will learn to hone your language skills through social media, for example through chat, comment status, etc.

Change Language in Gadget with English

Every gadget, like a smartphone or computer, has a language that we can set. To help us learn English, you can set it to English mode.
In this way, we will be a little familiar with English words, such as the name of the day, time, emergency calls, search, storage and more.