Attitude is the behavior or state of a person in dealing with other people accompanied by similarities in order to act in accordance with that behavior PTS Terbaik Sumatera. Attitude traits are relatively different, such as a person’s behavior since birth. with persistent behavior that cannot be alone and has both motivational and emotional aspects.

The Importance of Attitude in the World of Work

To be successful, a person can hone himself on 3 crucial things, namely skills (abilities), knowledge (knowledge) and attitude (behavior). Skills and knowledge can basically be improved through the process of learning, reading and practicing, but Attitude is one component that builds our character and can be learned and trained. Attitude is very important in life, especially in using the world of work. Competition in the world of work is getting tougher, so everyone must be ready to face the world of work. No longer limited to ability, but requires good Attitude in the world of work Individual qualities. Sometimes, if an employee is not in a good attitude, dismissal can be carried out according to his leadership guidelines, or even exiled according to other employees. The advantages of a positive attitude are:


Reduce stress on ourselves

Inspire the people around us

Improve quality of life

Increase productivity

Increase the joy of life

Building Loyalty

Building a Personality Personality

Stick to Teamwork

Applying the Importance of Attitude at Work

The attitude of an employee can reflect how the quality of the company has been run. The most important asset for a company, so Attitude is very important to be maintained and has a lot of human resource assessment. Attitudes that we can have as role models for the use of time in the world of work, include:

Value By Hours

In the world of work, things are very decisive for us. Make sure you are always on time. Get to work and get the job done before the deadline. We will have peace of mind at work and we will be stress free. It also shows us that we are very professional and fully committed to our work.

You Can Accept Criticism

Don’t be sad about what your coworkers, older people, or boss say negatively. If it’s good for you, take what they say. Trust that what they say will help you do your job better.

Respect Employees

As a qualified employee with good Attitude, respect is not only shown to your superiors, but also to your employees, both senior citizens, juniors and customers. As an employee, you convey a professional appearance. Colleagues will also appreciate that you have a very good attitude.

Committed to Work

A company can function well, partly because the original component has a good Attitude and involves us as employees. Individuals are no longer visible, but also for the company. Apart from the world of work, you can become a better person in society.

Polite attitude to everyone

Berattitude sopan saat menerapkan Attitude yang baik di dunia kerja.Tidak hanya sopan kepada atasan atau pelanggan, tetapi juga kepada rekan kerja, baik senior maupun junior. Misalnya, saat berkomunikasi dengan klien, seberapa pun besar kasusnya, Anda sebagai karyawan berkewajiban untuk mengekspresikan diri dan Attitude polite.

Don’t Like Gossiping At Work

In the office you have to work, not clap. So don’t do this at work and remind other coworkers about it. Use your productive time at work instead of doing things that don’t matter. Never Bring Personal Problems To The Office Personal problems of every employee are certainly not the same. In terms of work, no matter how heavy your home case, try not to bring it into the work environment.