ASEAN’s Best private University Archery Team Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Won 3 Silvers 2 Bronzes at Unnes Virtual Archery Competition 2022

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Archery Team won a brilliant achievement at Unnes Virtual Archery Competition 2022 on 2-3 September 2022.

Teknokrat Archery Team won 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals from the individual and team events of 70 meters Recurve on behalf of Fani Fernando, a student of Sports Education class 2018. Fani won 3 silvers in Recurve 70 meters and 2 silvers from the qualification and team.

Meanwhile, Ricky Nic Kevin, a student of the Sports Education class of 2020 who took part in the 70-meter Recurve number got 2 bronzes from the qualification and team.

Then Yosefa Zik Alendra, a 2018 student of Sports Education won 1 silver from the team number.

Participants in this championship came from Semarang State University, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Diponegoro University, Muria Kudus University, Stikom Bali, and Unila.

Previously, this Teknokrat archery team also won several champions in various events, namely:

1. First Place in Archery UNY Virtual Championship Standard Bow Individual 40 meters in 2022

2. First Place in the 40-meter Virtual Individual UNJ Archery Championship in 2022.

3. Winner of the 2022 RR Radal Standarbow Individual Championship.

4. Lampung Archery Circuit Champion.

Fani said that to achieve this achievement in the field of archery, she and her friends practiced diligently. Not only diligent in terms of technique but also maintain strict physical.

He said that by frequently participating in the championship, their mentality and experience increased. That way, the team has an unyielding spirit.

Vice-Rector Dr. H Mahathir Muhammad SE MM congratulated them on this achievement. He also thanked the mentors who accompanied him during practice and the championship.

Mahathir wants Teknokrat’s archery achievements to be better in the future and become the first winner.

Mahathir said campuses and foundations are fully committed to supporting all activities attended by representatives from Teknokrat. That way, all Teknokrat delegates get full support so that they can achieve maximum results.