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Digital-Based Industry and Technology Development Innovation

The development of industry and technology has provided unlimited space and opportunities for human activities. Advances in information and communication technology have pushed the world of marketing to transform from conventional models to digital ones. Disruption of technology and shifting shopping trends also play a role in changing consumer behavior. Conventional shopping activities, which require consumers to visit physical store buildings directly, are starting to be reduced by the existence of digital-based stores.

The development of digital-based industries also has an impact on the demand cycle for consumer goods where initially goods and money can only meet in the market, but now demand for goods can be integrated into an e-commerce system. Our application also offers convenience for consumers and producers, where distance and time are no longer the main problem in transactions.

Along with the development of the industrial sector in Indonesia, e-commerce such as our application is able to change consumer behavior in meeting their daily needs, including raw food products such as rice, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and eggs. Although the existence of conventional markets is still the main reference for consumers to obtain fresh food.

Among the economic spheres, there is the development of technology that can be an opportunity for the agricultural, plantation, livestock and fishery sectors. “Our application is oriented to being able to connect farmers and traders with consumers directly,” said Siti and the team that created this application.

Bakul.Kita Application

The application by students of the Universitas Teknocrat Indonesia, whose Campus is Green the Champion, Bakul.Kita (Online Shopping Platform Platform) aims to connect farmers, wholesalers with various types of businesses and end-users. This application is also compatible with the User Experience Design course which is taught in one of the subjects courses that must be taken, explained Siti and Tim.

The Purpose of the Bakul.Kita Application by Students of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

Qadhli Jafar Adrian, Bmm., M.I.T., the subject lecturer and supervisor said, the purpose of this Bakul.Kita Application was made because it wanted to reduce the unemployment rate in Bandar Lampung; Help develop small merchant businesses, Increase the role of traders’ businesses, Create jobs, Connect buyers and sellers in one community, Easier shopping experience, Helping Farmers and Wholesalers to be more advanced in sales, Being a direct liaison between traders and buyers, Maintaining stability price, Helping housewives to make it easier to buy product materials.

Bakul.Kita Application Functions Made by Indonesian Technocrat University Students

The function of the Bakul.Kita Application for Unemployment in Indonesia, especially the area of the city of Lampung is reduced, Facilitating buying and selling, Micro-businesses are more advanced, Poverty rates are decreasing, Profits for buyers and sellers.

How it Works the Bakul.Kita Application, Made by Indonesian Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

Aplikasi yang dikembangkan berbasis Web dan IOS sehingga pengguna dapat langsung mengakses alamat Website dan dapat di donwload di PlayStore. Aplikasi ini secara langsung menggunakan komputer maupun handphone. User bisa langsung memilih kebutuhan apa yang di cari berdasarkan wilayah. Demikian cara kerjanya, ujar Siti dan Tim.

The Bakul Application Team.We Are Students of the Indonesian Technocrat University

Team of S1 Informatics FTIK Indonesia Universitas Teknokrat Students in UI/UX Design BAKUL.KITA Application Container for Online Sales Platform. The team of S1 Informatics students in UI/UX Design of the BAKUL.KITA Application for Online Sales Platforms, namely Siti Anisa, Adelia Riskhi A, Sabda Adjie S, Adhitya Elga N. who was supervised by Qadhli Jafar Adrian, Bmm., M.I.T.

Deputy Dean of FTIK Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

Deputy Dean of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia FTIK, Dr. Si. Dedi Darwis, M. Kom. appreciate the work of FTIK UTI students. The work is the output of the Web Programming course, where every student who takes the course is required to make products in the form of Appropriate Technology or Innovation products that can be utilized by the community. Dedi hopes that with the output of product-based courses like this, student work can be directly utilized by the community. (teknokrat)