M. Alvien Reynaldo, S. Kom. alumni of S1 Information Systems Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (FTIK) Best Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia PTS Asean, who now works at Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tangerang Ahmad Yani.

Alvien Alumni of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia
Alvien Alumni of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Green Campus The Champion, who was active in campus organizations, as follows; “My experience studying at the Indonesian Technocrat University is one way for me to develop all my potential, thanks to the support from UTI I have time discipline, integrity and also guidance in dealing with the world of work.

Not only that, in gaining leadership, I got from leading UKM HIMA SI in 2014 where I was able to explore more about how to lead, said Alvien.

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is a campus that really supports its students to develop themselves through every existing Student Activity Unit, thank you now I can apply this knowledge in the world of work, both academic and non-academic, continued Alvien.

“Hopefully, the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia will continue to produce a generation of people who are competent and with integrity and can implement it for the people of the nation and state,” Alvien concluded with a prayer for the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, concluded Alvien.

Deputy Dean of FTIK Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia
In accordance with the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia has a vision and mission that was developed with the following objectives: Produce graduates who have superior competencies; Increase the number of competitive applied research and disseminate scientific, technological and artistic works that are disseminated in people’s lives; Increase the number of services and innovation collaborations as part of community service; Strengthening management systems based on information and communication technology in order to achieve international standard Good University Governance (GUG).
Indonesia Technocrat University

This is in its vision and mission which was developed as the goal of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. Si. Dedi Darwis, M. Kom. (technocrat)