Acting Official of Lampung Head of the Department of Youth and Sports, Descatama, Appreciate PORSENI at the ASEAN’S Best Private University Sports Arena, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

The Acting Official Head of the Lampung Youth and Sports Service (DISPORA), Descatama Paksi Moeda, gave high appreciation to the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia.

This is because ASEAN’S Best Private University, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, is always at the forefront of welcoming sports events. It has been countless times that sporting events have been held at the Dr. Nasrullah Yusuf Student Center at the local campus.

This was said by Mr. Descatama when opening the Sports and Arts Week (PORSENI) today.

Mr. Descatama also admitted that he was satisfied with the performance of the committee, which could involve 400 students participating in this PORSENI event. In Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, there are two competitions, namely e-sports and futsal.

Descatama said DISPORA hopes that from this Porseni event, reliable athletes in the fields of e-sports and futsal will be obtained. Moreover, these two branches have a lot of demand in Indonesia as well as in Lampung.

Descatama said that his party wanted the synergy and collaboration with these technocrats to continue well.

Vice-Rector of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, S.E., M.M., said his party was open to sports events. His party is also ready to support the Lampung Youth and Sports Office for the success of Lampung Berjaya. Especially in the field of sports. Mr. Mahathir also appreciated the presence of hundreds of participants who participated. He wants all competitions to run smoothly and successfully while still promoting honesty in the competition. Mr. Mahathir wants PORSENI to be a medium for seeding Lampung’s reliable seeds to rise to the national and international class. “Representing the Rector of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, I would like to thank The Acting Official Head of the Lampung Youth and Sports Service, Descatama, for participating in supporting this PORSENI activity,” said Mahathir.