9 Most Frontal Tricks To Get Up In The Morning, Guaranteed Not To Be Late For Class Again!

Morning lectures are the hardest thing for students, especially if you have to go in at seven in the morning. Not infrequently you come late or even have to skip class because you wake up late. Semester GPA is also threatened.

1. Avoid staying up late

In order to get up early, reduce the habit of staying up late. You should start sleeping between 9-11 pm. So you can sleep with enough time. You can be sure that you will feel refreshed when you wake up the next day.

2. Before going to bed, don’t eat too much dinner

A full stomach often makes you sleep too soundly. Instead of quality sleep, eating too much before going to bed at night makes more fat savings in the body and you are lazy to move. So, in order to wake up in the morning, make sure you have enough dinner.

3. Turn off the room lights so you sleep quality

One of the keys to getting up early is getting quality sleep. One way is to turn off the lights and electricity in the room. In addition to making you restful, dark room conditions can also trigger the hormone melatonin which is beneficial for the immune system, you know.

4. Tidy up your bed before bed

Unconsciously, the spirit of getting up in the morning is also influenced by the condition of the room. Try cleaning your mattress. Tidy things up on it. With a neat and orderly condition, you can sleep more soundly and with quality, so getting up early to go to college will be easier and more enthusiastic.

5. Provide a basin of cold water and a towel

Even though the brain is aware, it is not uncommon for you to find it difficult to open your eyes because you are too sleepy. To work around this, provide a basin of cold water and a small towel near the mattress. When you wake up, rub a cold towel over your eyes. Guaranteed, your eyes can be literate and fully aware.

6. Set an alarm with a phone call tone

Have you set an alarm, but it still doesn’t work? Calm. Now you can try to work around this by setting a phone call tone as an alarm tone. It is undeniable, our ears are more sensitive when there is a call. So you can be more alert to wake up.

7. Place the alarm out of reach of the bed

In addition to the dial tone, you also use a trick: put the alarm out of reach. The alarm can be placed on the study table or near the window glass. When the alarm goes off, you will feel compelled to get out of bed to turn it off. Well, in this way, your awareness can be more easily collected.

8. Provide water and drink it when you wake up in the morning

Morning lectures are often hard. To overcome this, you can start by drinking water when you wake up in the morning. Although it looks trivial, drinking water in the morning is proven to make the body fresher. So you don’t miss class.

9. Make sure your tasks are done since the evening

One of the obstacles to morning lectures is unfinished classwork. You have woken up late, the task is not finished, the end is already over. So that it doesn’t happen again, try to get used to doing college assignments at night. So you can have a calm morning and be ready to go to class.

Entering college in the morning is the toughest test. But, calm down, now you can apply these nine things to make getting up early in the morning feels easy.