5 Ways to Build Confidence as a New Student

Being a new student is always an interesting thing to discuss, especially for those of you who are used to an orderly school life. College is a different period from the atmosphere at school. You will meet many new friends, from different regions, different cultures.

A very new environment forcing you to be able to adjust and place yourself. An unfamiliar environment finally makes you feel like a different person. You sometimes hesitate to move, confused about starting a conversation, and choose to keep your distance to reduce misunderstandings.

Well, the only way for you to get rid of all those worries is with confidence. Check out these five tips, so you can be the best version of yourself in your new environment.

1. Dare to start

Meeting new people sometimes makes you feel reluctant and hesitant to start a chat. Finally you just shut up and wait for him to start. Are you sure, will let other people’s attitude be a validation of your mental? Is your courage defeated by the stupid feeling your own mind produces?

Say the first word, hi . Believe it or not, your courage to say the first word, will give birth to unexpected courage from within you. With one first word, you will discover the confidence, which is actually hidden by your unfounded thoughts and feelings. Just start with the first word yes, and you will find yourself very charming.

2. Sit in the front row

Being a new student, sitting in a classroom with new friends will sometimes trigger you to become someone who is full of worries. Your attitude becomes limited because your fear becomes the center of attention. Eventually you will choose a safe zone, a seat that is not a concern. Seating in the middle row, the farthest position, or in the back row. If you obey your heart’s desire, your confidence will be lost.

This second tip you must follow if you want to challenge your courage. Choose a seat in the front when you attend lectures in class. Sitting in the front row will definitely build your confidence. Realizing many students sitting behind you, directly teaches your mentality to be in the front position. This exercise without you knowing it becomes the best idea in presenting yourself. The more often you are the center of attention, the more confident you will be.

3. Try to answer whatever is asked

New students always think that everything in college is new. Finally, when the lecturer asked, many of you were silent without responding. Or when your colleague asks, you are blank and completely ignorant.

You have gone through school with a process that is not easy. You have learned a lot, you have gained a lot of experience. Even though the answer you give is not completely correct, the answer you give becomes a whip for you to get used to giving opinions.

Just try to do it once, and you will find yourself capable. Self-confidence will further support you to learn a lot and learn from mistakes. Being wrong in the learning process is natural, that’s what you have to remember. So there’s no reason not to answer, huh?

4. Dare to admit if you do something wrong and dare to say sorry

Being a new student, you will always try to show all the good things. You will continue to be sweet in any way. You will try to attract the attention of your lecturers, colleagues or even your seniors. Mistakes are unavoidable and this should not discourage you from acting. Confidence will be built, when you dare to face criticism and do not hesitate to apologize.

The more you understand yourself, the more your confidence will shine through in your every attitude. Confidence always radiates a positive aura in your environment. As long as you’ve done your best, you don’t deserve to lose confidence. Get rid of negative thoughts that only bother you. You can and definitely can.

5. Don’t hesitate to say thank you to colleagues or seniors who help

When you manage to say the word ‘sorry’ and admit your mistake, the next step is to get into the habit of saying ‘thank you’. Appreciation even if it’s just a word in addition to making you humble, will warm your relationship in a new environment. The appreciation you give to the people around you, will get you the same thing.

Confidence can only be born from your will to dare to overcome doubts. If you have the courage to start with one word, one step and one smile, that confidence will grow as habits grow. When you are proud to see someone who is so confident, not afraid of anything, you actually have that ability.

Thoughts, feelings, courage and fear, are in your control. Feelings of shyness and worry at the beginning of the meeting are common. But when you let it grow, you will lose a lot. You will lose a lot of time to learn many things. On the other hand, if you dare to challenge yourself and believe in your abilities, everything will definitely be easier for you. Don’t be afraid to believe in yourself, you have everything.