5 Tips That Can Make You Popular on Campus

Entering the world of campus can indeed make us nervous. Naturally, after struggling with a series of typical school rules, in this phase, you finally get the ‘freedom’ you dream of. Yep, you can be creative with clothing styles or even hairstyles.

Some people will take advantage of this moment to make new friends. However, not a few of us seem to want to be famous or popular on campus. Well, to help you, coil ( coil.com ) has summarized five tips to become popular as reported by the following Boldsky page.

1. Trends

The easiest way to get you into the popular category is to follow the emerging trends. Take the time to simply look for references to hairstyles and clothes that can make you look more trendy. Campus friends will definitely pangling when you step into the classroom.

2. Active in extracurricular activities

Participating in various extracurricular activities is also one of the most effective ways to become popular on campus. You can choose the type of extracurricular you want, ranging from culture, art, or sports. Within a few months, your name will definitely start to be known by college students, guys.

3. Keep in touch with everyone

Being popular on campus is very easy to do if you are friendly and good at making friends. Be a light person reaching out to anyone who needs your help. Make them feel that you really care about them.

4. Active on social media

Today, we live in the age of social media which is taking over most of our lives. Therefore, to be popular on campus, you must be an active social media user. Through social media, you can expand the connection of friends on campus.

5. Be a leader

If you plan to only be a follower to a certain group, then you will never get noticed by people. To be the center of attention, you have to be strong enough to lead and have a voice. Look for opportunities to rise to become a leader in your organization or in your class.