For many people, IT is essentially synonymous with the people you turn to when you need help with a computer problem. The most basic definition of information technology is the application of technology to solve business or organizational problems on a broad scale. No matter the role, members of the IT department work with others to solve technology problems, both large and small.

Information Technology (IT)

IT is now applied in almost all fields of activity, from telecommunications, finance, trade and education to banking. In short, there is currently no area that IT professionals cannot enter. But for the most part, IT is just a business support (support). This can help your business a bit.

The Importance of Continuing Education to College Level

Although the existing SMA, MA, SMK or other vocational education systems are still relatively widespread or have specializations, they have not yet reached the level of job readiness in terms of skills and knowledge. College is the process of developing talents acquired in high school. If you want to focus on career guidance or entrepreneurship, Academic Trajectory (Bachelor) is the best choice for SMA/MA graduates, and other SMK/SMK graduates are the choice. The professional path (diploma) is more suitable because it focuses on practical skills acquired at previous professional educational institutions. Basically, high school is still in its infancy, so don’t stop there because your skills and knowledge are not ready.

5 Reasons Students Choose IT Majors

The following are 5 reasons why prospective students choose IT majors to continue their studies:

1. Job Prospects in IT

The first reason why students choose IT majors for college is because this major has very good job prospects. The salary offered for workers in the IT field is also quite high, even not only for IT professionals but also for fresh graduates. Because the skills possessed by an information technology graduate are very much needed in all fields today, is there today not using information technology to run a business? There may be, but for companies that are already quite large, of course, they have used information technology in developing their business.


2. IT World Never Dies

The next reason why students choose IT majors is that the IT (Information Technology) field is increasingly and continues to develop along with the times. Every day this world needs more and more people who are experts in the IT field and anyone who wants and can develop the technology that already exists now.

3. Can Work Anywhere and Anytime

The third reason why students choose IT majors is that as long as you have adequate and supportive devices, you can work anywhere. If you work part-time as a programmer or graphic designer, you can finish your work at the mall, while hanging out at a cafe or at home. So the work can be very relaxed huh..

4. Working in the Creative Industry

The reason why prospective students choose the next IT major is that graduates from the information technology department can not only work in formal fields, but can also work in the creative industry, for example IT graduates can become graphic designers, video editors or can work in a digital agency.

5. Can work in all fields and are sought after by companies

The next reason is not only companies engaged in information technology, you can enter all fields, ranging from banking, fintech, education, to other service fields. In addition, because information technology graduates are sought after by companies. Now, almost all companies need graduates from this major to build the required information systems.