The Best PTS Sumatran Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia prepares students who will be able to compete in the world of work. To achieve this, one of them is that students are required to carry out Field Work Practices.

working world. To achieve this, one of them is that students are required to carry out Field Work Practices.

Companies in Bandar Lampung appreciate Field Work Practice Students (PKL) organized by the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (FTIK) Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia (UTI). FTIK UTI students really help companies during street vendors because before street vendors are carried out students are equipped with skills to support the needs of street vendors.

Compulsory PKL for Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia  Students

PKL is mandatory for UTI students, because PKL is a course. This street vendor has its own credit score, so students are required to take this course. PKL at the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, this PKL program is carried out regularly every year, which is divided into three periods, namely after the even semester, odd semester and short semester. This PKL program is intended for students who have completed 100 credits. The PKL program is also a mandatory program to be able to write a thesis as a graduation requirement, said Muhaqiqin, S.Kom., M.T.I. as PKL coordinator.

The Purpose of PKL for Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Students The Best PTS Sumatra

The purpose of street vendors is to provide opportunities for students to know the life of a worker/what is done in the workplace; provide space for students to apply their knowledge and knowledge during lectures; improve cooperative relations between campuses and institutions that host student internships; provide students with an understanding of work ethic, professionalism, work discipline, how to communicate, and others; collaboration occurs between students, universities, and companies/institutions, agencies that become internships; train students’ skills in the field of study they are engaged in; hone students’ skills in problem solving, especially in the workplace; increase student skills and maximize the potential that exists in students.

The main purpose of street vendors organized by UTI is to develop the abilities and skills of every student who participates in the program. Not only that, the experience gained is also expected to be able to increase the competitiveness of UTI students in the world of work later, said Muhaqiqin.

Students are equipped with PKL Supporting Skills

Every student who will carry out the PKL Program in addition to getting courses according to their respective study programs, students have also been provided with various skills which are also a mandatory requirement for students before carrying out street vendors. The skills provided such as the use of computer applications needed in the world of work, namely: microsoft office, myob and graphic design in addition to communication skills and basic marketing skills as well as secretarial skills such as correspondence, data documentation and meeting arrangements, must also be mastered by students. In addition to these skills, students who will be street vendors also receive briefing about the world of work both from internal and external parties.

Implementation of PKL Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia  The Best PTS Sumatra

FTIK UTI carries out the PKL program every year which is divided into three periods, in its implementation in the odd semester, next semester and short semester. PKL Odd semester period which has started since November 2021, just ended in January 2022, in this odd PKL period 95 students from FTIK UTI consisting of S1 Informatics, S1 Information Systems, S1 Information Technology, S1 Electrical Engineering, and S1 Civil Engineering who participated in street vendors and involved 51 company partners consisting of government agencies, BUMN and private companies.

Dean Dr. Dedi Darwis, S. Kom., M. Kom. FTIK Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia The Best PTS Sumatra appreciates and supports the PKL activities of FTIK Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students as proof that the knowledge gained by FTIK students while studying can be implemented in the world of work according to their field. (Teknokrat)