Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia The Best PTS Sumatra continues to provide
support and space for lecturers to develop themselves in order to improve
education quality. This can be seen from one of the lecturers of the Faculty of Letters and
Educational Sciences, Indonesian Technocrat University, Dian Puspita, S. Hum., M.Li.
who take part in the Bridging Course program for Academic College Lecturers at

Dian Lecturer at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia attends pre-doctoral training
In this program, Dian attended pre-doctoral training which included
activities such as orientation about the destination college;
the characteristics of the doctoral program in the destination country; doctoral frameworks and
programs at the destination tertiary institutions; doctoral program application process
at the destination college, writing personal statements, and research skills,
including presentation skills, critical thinking, using resources
academics in the library, introduction to research ethics and integrity, and
introduction to cross-cultural learning; and also matchmaking with
supervisors. On this occasion, Dian was also involved in the poster exhibition at
where academic posters about research proposals are presented.

Poster exhibition
activities attended by Dian Lecturer at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia
This poster exhibition was attended by all participants of the Bridging Course at National
University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) and is housed in the Orbsen Building where
several laboratories and research centers are located. Dian, as wrong
one participant had the opportunity to present a doctoral research plan to
all participants who attended the event. Attendees
consisting of potential supervisors as well as NUIG doctoral and postgraduate students.
Indonesian students who are studying for doctoral and postgraduate studies were also present at the event
this exhibition poster.

The academic atmosphere is very much felt in this poster exhibition. Academics
can discuss, obtain and provide inspiration, and exchange
information and experiences with each other. The same thing has also been applied by
Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Green Campus The Champion who regularly
holding a poster exhibition as one of the achievements of Academic subjects
Speaking is taken by English Literature students, for example. Through activities
academics like this, the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia provides experience
world-class learning to students.

Bridging Certificate
Program awarded by Vice President of Internationalization
At the end of the program, Dian as one of the Bridging Program participants
obtained a certificate given by Prof. Becky Whay, Vice President of
Internationalization, at the graduation ceremony which took place at Emily Anderson
Concert Hall, National University of Ireland. At the end of his remarks, Jim Connoly,
as program coordinator, said that during this program,
they can see the high enthusiasm of the lecturer participants to continue
studies. The diverse cultural richness of the Bridging participants has also become
important points that can be taken in the implementation of this program. “You’re all”
very nice, always give radiant energy during the learning process. That’s a
good quality we adore from all of you,” said Jim.

Introducing Culture
Lampung Traditional Fabrics Lampung- Tapis
Lecturer at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Dian also introduced traditional fabrics
Lampung-tapis, to the academics involved in this Bridging Program.
Prof. Becky Whay (Vice President of Internationalization), Dr. Andrew Flaus
(Vice Dean for Internationalization CSE), Dr. Maeve Egan (Manager of English
Language Centre), and Alison Herbert, M.A (English trainer of Language Center)
seen wearing a Lampung tapis shawl. They feel happy and interested
with the beauty of this typical Lampung cloth. By giving Lampung filter,
It is hoped that Lampung culture can become more widely known so that
Lampung culture can also be global as one of the missions of the University
Indonesian technocrats, namely towards standardized Good University Governance (GUG).

Vice Chancellor Universitas
Teknokrat Indonesia
Vice Chancellor of the Universitas
Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM.
conveyed that they really support HR in improving their quality, especially
Lecturer. With great enthusiasm, I hope Dian can continue her doctoral degree at
Ireland and became a motivation for other Universitas
Teknokrat Indonesia lecturers.