Community Service Program to Targeted Schools
Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Asean’s Best Private University, English Literature Study Program carries out the Community Service Program (PKM) of the fostered schools at Bandarlampung Aviation Vocational High School (SMK). Bandar Lampung Aviation Vocational School is located on Jalan Tulang Bawang No. 35, Enggal, Bandar Lampung. This activity was held on Friday 18 March 2022 involving a team of lecturers and students of the English Literature Study Program, namely Dwi Budi Setiawan, M.A., Suprayogi, M.Hum. Ingatan Gulo, M. Hum., Dian Puspita, M.Li., and also students of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Mutiara Okta, and Anisa Dinda.

TOEIC Competency Test Activities for Vocational High Schools
This time, the English Literature Study Program PKM Team carried out an activity with 39 students in grades X, XI, and XII in the form of an introduction to the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). For vocational students, the TOEIC competency test is very necessary in vocational learning and work later when they graduate.

Splice Bandar Lampung Aviation Vocational School, Mr. Ir. Muhammad Rizal
The activity was opened with remarks from the head of the Bandarlampung Aviation Vocational School, Mr. Ir. Muhammad Rizal. In his remarks, Rizal said that the English competency test training at this school was in accordance with the current needs of students as well as complementing the current general English learning. The good relationship between the Bandarlampung Aviation Vocational School and Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia has been going on for a long time, he said. Some of the teachers are graduates of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, and students have participated in various seminars and competitions organized by Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia The champion’s green campus. With this Community Service activity, Rizal added, this good relationship continues and students get wider benefits.

Vocational students practice doing questions and discussing
This TOEIC introduction activity was coordinated by Dwi Budi Setiawan, M.A., a lecturer in English Literature Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia who focuses on the Proficiency Test. The focus of this activity is Part I TOEIC, which is choosing the sentence that best describes an image. To understand the form and purpose of this question, students are first given an understanding of the present continuous tense and everyday verbs and nouns. This is an activity to reflect on everyday vocabulary that students generally already know but rarely use. After that, students practice working on questions and discussing answers together. Students are very enthusiastic about taking part in the challenge of answering TOEIC questions.

Head of the English Literature Study Program at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia
The Head of the English Literature Study Program at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Suprayogi, M.Hum., said that this activity was very strategic for Vocational High School students considering that TOEIC was very suitable for their needs. In addition, students who are involved in this PKM learn to manage activities and communicate with people from various backgrounds. This PKM activity is an effort of the English Literature Study Program to become an excellent English Literature Study Program in Indonesia and continues to support Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia as the best Private Campus in ASEAN.

Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Education, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia
Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Education, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Dr. Heri Kuswoyo, SS., M. Hum. said that the PKM program is expected to have a positive impact on vocational students, not only in preparing but later in the world of work and higher education. However, this activity can also bridge the potential of students and be confident in speaking English and prepare them to adapt and compete on an international level. (Teknokrat