One of the Tri Dharma Higher Education activities that must be carried out is Community Service (PkM) because PkM is one of the 3 main tasks of lecturers listed in the Tri Dharma of Higher Education in addition to teaching and researching.

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Sumatra’s Best PTS Implement PkM

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Best PTS Sumatra implements PkM, PkM activities are a routine agenda carried out by lecturers in addition to teaching and researching activities.

The purpose of this PkM activity is to provide opportunities for universities to be able to apply their knowledge directly. This implementation can be started by giving directions, or socializing so that the public knows the technology and science that will be delivered.

Then together with the community it began to be implemented.

In addition to the purpose of applying knowledge in society, PkM activities help the sensitivity of Higher Education in answering problems that exist in the community so that this activity can hone the ability to solve problems or problem solving related to problems faced by the community.

UTI Lecturers and Students Implement PkM 2 Appropriate Technology Products

In order to implement the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, Lecturers and Students of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia conducted PkM activities for the fostered village program in Pekon (the village name in Lampung) Banjarsari, Talang Padang District, Tanggamus Regency. This activity resulted in 2 products of Appropriate Technology. The main focus of this activity include

1. Village website procurement

Advances in information technology can not be separated from our lives today without exception in rural areas. In order to provide good information that can be accessed at any time, there is a need for a system to make this happen, a village website procurement activity was held by the village team assisted by the Indonesian Technocrat University. Through this activity, it is hoped that the village can utilize information technology in building a web-based village information system. The activity was attended by village officials at the village hall as the operator who will run the system. This village website procurement activity includes providing knowledge about websites, website creation and training on filling out village websites. This activity was welcomed by village officials because the availability of this web-based information system is very much needed at this time.

2.Socialization of rain harvesting equipment. Community service activities for the next assisted village program carried out in Banjarsari Village are the Socialization of Rain Harvesting Equipment. This activity aims to provide an understanding to the community on the importance of utilizing rainwater as an alternative source of clean water to meet water needs that can be utilized in the future and prevent excess water runoff in the rainy season which can cause flooding. With this activity, it is hoped that the Banjarsari village community can store rainwater to be used for non-consumable household water needs such as washing, watering plants and so on. This activity was attended by the village community of Banjarsari with great enthusiasm, this was evidenced by the discussion about harvesting rainwater which could be applied in the village of Banjarsari.

UTI Lecturers and Students in PkM Fostered Villages

The PkM activity for the assisted village program was carried out by the PKM Team for the Assisted Village of the Indonesian Technocrat University, which consisted of Dian Pratiwi, MT. as Head of the Civil Engineering Study Program, and UTI lecturers as follows Erliyan Redy Susanto, M.KoM., Jupriadi. MT, Neneng, M. Kom. Fera Lestari, MT., Fajar Dewantoro, M.Ars., Rio Aditomo, MT.

And the students in the PkM activities are:

Rendy Pratama (S1-Civil Engineering), Wawan Kurniawan (S1-Civil Engineering), Nyoman Yudha Satya Nuaba (S1-Computer Engineering), Hafidh Danang Setiadi (S1-Computer Engineering).

Appreciation from the Head of Banjarsari Village

This activity was held with the support of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesiawhich helped to realize the sustainability of the PkM activities of the Assisted Village Program. Recognizing that there are many benefits of community service for lecturers, lecturers need enthusiasm to implement it. Apart from the support from the campus, this activity cannot be separated from the enthusiasm and good reception from the Banjarsari Village Heads, both the village heads, village officials and the Banjarsari village community. This activity was appreciated by the village head, Typhoon Andri. He expressed his gratitude to the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia for holding this activity. He also hopes that PkM can be continued so that the Banjarsari village is more advanced, especially in implementing good governance.