The Best Private Universities (PTS) in Sumatra, PKM Team of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Provided Training on the Implementation of Smart Villages to Improve Community Services and Increase Revenue for Bumdes in Pekon Sukanegi Jaya

The Best Private University (PTS) in Sumatra, held a Community Service (PkM) activity at Pekon Sukanegeri Jaya, Talang Padang, Tanggamus on Tuesday, August 23, 2022. In the PkM activity the assisted villages carried out Smart Village Implementation for Community Service Improvement and Improvement Revenue of Bumdes in Pekon Sukanegi Jaya, Talang Padang Distric, Tanggamus Regency.

The PKM Lecturer team for this activity was Auliya Rahman Isnain, Dedi Darwis, Lia Febria Lina, and Muhtad Fadli. This activity was attended by the Head of Pekon Sukanegeri Jaya and the Head of BUMDES and involved four students from the Information Systems (SI) and Accounting Information Systems (SIA) study programs, namely Adzik Aulia, Rido Ferbiansyah, Inggit, and Rafli.

Mr. Auliya said hopefully the applications developed by lecturers and students can contribute to the activities of the Sukanegeri Jaya Village Office and Sukanegi Jaya BUMDES Office. “Thank you to the Teknokrat Education Foundation, the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, and the research and community service unit for supporting and facilitating our PKM activities,” said Auliya.

The purpose of this PKM is to change paperless to digital, accelerate the process of population data collection and data retrieval, and improve public services. The application made by Smart Village for improving community services and increasing the income of Bumdes in Pekon Sukanegri Jaya is based on a website.

“Pekon Sukanegeri Jaya has several shortcomings in the service section at the Pekon Sukaneri Jaya office, one of which is the correspondence service and population registration which is carried out manually. Therefore, it causes population data and letters that have been made to be difficult to find and frequent data loss occurs”, said Auliya.