Student of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Builds a Successful Career as Attorney in Department of Justice Republic of Indonesia

Nurman Satya Marga while studying at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia studied at the Informatics Study Program. Now Nurman works at the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia with a placement at the Metro District Attorney.

Nurman said that it was very memorable when he studied at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. Nurman said, all lecturers of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia have competent abilities according to their fields and are professional as teachers.

Nurman assessed that the infrastructure at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia was very complete and modern. This makes students feel comfortable studying at the best private campus in ASEAN.

Nurman said, during college, he got useful knowledge. Not just sufficient academic weight, but can be applied in everyday life.

Nurman said, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia equips all its students with the necessary knowledge to be competent and ready to work.

Nurman admitted, from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, he also got actual experiences to be able to compete and be competitive after graduation.

While on campus, Nurman was the Ambassador of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. Nurman has several achievements, including the 2017 Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Teen Ambassador, Mekhanai Photogenic Metro 2018, 2nd Place Exmatek 3 Software Project 2019, and the best graduate III period I graduation from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia in 2020.

Nurman advised the students of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia to be serious in their studies. Nurman believes that every student, apart from being active in college, is also active in student activities and campus organizations. Because, said Nurman, from there we will know our potential and what can be developed.

This, he said, would be useful when graduating and looking for or opening up employment/entrepreneurial opportunities. According to Nurman, all student organizations can be followed according to their interests and talents.

Vice Rector of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. said the campus was proud of Nurman. Because, since students have shown great potential. Not surprisingly, after graduating, Nurman now has a career at the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia, placing the Metro State Prosecutor.

Mahathir wishes Nurman success and career. Mahathir also encouraged all Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students to follow in the footsteps of successful alumni in the world of work. The condition, said Mahathir, is to be willing to work and study hard, and to find the potential to be developed in a bright future.