The best private university in Sumatra, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, held an introduction to campus life for new students at the local campus multipurpose building today. This is implementation

the second introduction to campus life for those who will start their studies this September. Previously in July, a similar event was held for the first time.the second introduction to campus life for those who will start their studies this September. Previously in July, a similar event was held for the first time.

The Chancellor of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr H Nasrullah Yusuf SE MBA officially opened this event. He was represented by the Vice Chancellor I of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Dr H Mahathir Muhammad SE MM.

In his remarks, the Chancellor welcomed all students at the Teknokrat Champion Campus.

This introduction is considered important so that new students have the right horizon and perspective about college.

The Chancellor said that the main outcome of the lectures will be the formation of mental and character and skills. Thus, the main thing obtained is the maturity of students in character and morality.

In addition, mastery of the knowledge, science, and technology they have acquired in college.

The Chancellor said that this lecture felt special because it was still during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the implementation of strict health protocols and vaccinations for students, as well as hybrid learning, the Chancellor is confident that the lectures will run well.

The Chancellor also conveyed the many academic and extracurricular achievements that the campus had this year. It all confirms that “Champions Campus” is real, not just empty jargon.

The Chancellor assessed that so far, Teknokrat have made a major contribution to the development of human resources. This is evidenced by the number of alumni who have had successful careers as professionals, civil servants, and entrepreneurs.

The Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia held an introduction to the campus. | Documentation

The Chancellor also explained that the Technocrat campus does not only pursue achievements in academic and non-academic fields. Also important is the Teknokrat contribution to the environment.

This is evidenced by community service programs in the form of 22 fostered schools and 13 fostered villages.

The schools and villages are visited periodically and the residents are provided with supplies and knowledge. In fact, in the context of the target schools, students and teachers get the latest knowledge about learning materials and other things.

It all improves the quality of education in schools.

After the Chancellor gave his speech, the Minister of Education, Culture and Research and Technology, Nadiem Makarim, also gave an introduction. He welcomes students. He emphasized liberating learning in the form of independent campus learning.

One of the new students of Teknokrat, Yossa Sekar Kintan from S1 Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, admitted that she was happy and proud to be studying at Teknokrat.

He said, Teknokrat is the right campus for lectures because of the complete learning methods, lecturers, and infrastructure.

That way, Teknokrat are considered capable of realizing students’ dreams of success.