Application of the School Profile Information System at SMK Minhadlul Ulum Tegineneng, Pesawaran Regency as an Effort in Building a Positive School Image

Lecturer of the Information Technology Study Program at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia helped Minhadlul Ulum Vocational School in building the good image of the school by developing a school profile website as a form of Community Service (PKM). The PKM activity carried out is the target school scheme. This activity was carried out at the Minhadlul Ulum Vocational School, Tegineneng District, Pesawaran Regency which is one of the Vocational Schools in Pesawaran under the auspices of the Minhadlul Ulum Islamic Boarding School Foundation. The PKM team from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia who carried out this activity consisted of 4 lecturers. The lecturers involved in PKM are Jupriyadi, S.Kom., M.T. as Chair of PKM and assisted by other Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia lecturers, namely Andi Nurkholis, S.Kom., M.Kom., Donaya Pasha, M.Kom, and Adi Sucipto, S.Kom., M.T. In this PKM activity, four students of the Information Technology S1 Study Program participated as a team that helped PKM activities.

One way to build a good school image is to implement a school profile information system. This system is used to make it easier for schools to provide information about the school, starting from the majors they have, the achievements the school has achieved, the school’s advantages, and so on. This information can certainly give a positive image if it can be consumed publicly via the internet. Currently, schools must also have a profile website as one of the information that must be reported to the Ministry of Education and Culture database. The profile website is also the identity of the school on the internet in the form of a * domain. Based on the identification and discussion conducted by the PKM team at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Minhadlul Ulum Vocational School already has a school domain with the address, but the domain has not been managed properly. In the PKM activity, the PKM team helped SMK in terms of managing existing domains, starting from re-registration, activation, website installation to filling out website content. In addition, the PKM team provides training and assistance in managing school profile websites to school admin staff. This PKM activity was well received by the school with the preparation of a website management team that was developed and good support in PKM activities. The school hopes that the application of technology assisted by a team of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Lecturers can help schools in building a positive image of the school through online media. It is undeniable that the current digital era demands that everything can be done online via the internet. With the profile website, school information can be consumed by the public at large, so that the positive image of the school becomes better.

This PKM activity is an internal service grant from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia which is routinely carried out every semester. The planned collaborative activities with partners are going well, seen from the enthusiasm of partners in participating in the training provided and direct practice of managing school profile websites.

Vice Rector of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. said that the target school is one of the flagship programs of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia in the field of community service. With this service, lecturers and students can do concrete things for the environment and society. In particular, providing assistance and providing knowledge regarding the application and better use of information technology in schools.