Alumni of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia take part in the international world of work Best PTS 1 Sumatra The Campus is Green This Champion not only gave birth to the Champion of outstanding students but also gave birth to alumni according to their fields.       

Alumni S1 English Literature working in international companies

One of the alumni at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia namely Mohamad Niko Ginanto, S.S. alumni of the English Literature S1 study program, Faculty of Letters and Education (FSIP) have worked for international companies, namely Prime Freight Indonesia in the field of export and import transportation, International Freight Forwarding company in DKI Jakarta, with the position of Ocean Export Manager.

Niko is currently working on a project, “from 2 years ago we worked on the Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia project to import cars from Korea to Indonesia and also export cars from Indonesia to foreign countries, he explained.

Niko’s duties as Ocean Export Manager are Arranging regular export shipments from Indonesia to overseas, Handling export shipment projects from Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (HMMI), Analyze and manage in/out bound cargo requirements, Checking export documentations, Monitoring customs clearance process and documentations , Reviewing and providing the assessment evaluation to Ocean Export staff member, Make sure the team meets the KPI every month, Reporting the gross profit and revenue for export container volume to Managing Director.

Alumni of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Who Have Been Active in Organizing on Campus

Niko Alumni of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia said that studying at the Indonesian Technocrat University greatly contributed to the development and ability of soft skills that were useful in the world of work, such as public speaking and organizational experience. Organizing on campus can increase self-confidence, critical thinking skills and get used to always being innovative and creative in developing ideas. Courses related to the world of work are English communication which is in accordance with what is taught on campus and its application in the world of work, he added.

Head of the English Literature S1 Study Program FSIP Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

Head of the English Literature S1 Study Program FSIP Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Suprayogi, S.S., M.Hum. said, this alumni is in accordance with “This is in line with the vision of the English Literature Study Program to become an international standard study program. One of the indicators is the increasing number of graduates working in international companies.

The curriculum of the Technocratic English Literature Study Program is very close to the realities of the world of work on a global scale by presenting office conversation and business presentation courses which not only train English but also critical thinking skills in an economic context,” explained Suprayogi.

“Niko Ginanto’s success cannot be separated from his active organization at the Teknocrat English Club by joining Niko in the English Debate team. This trains leadership and increases self-confidence as well as how to continue to get used to the atmosphere of intense English-language communication,” said Suprayogi.

“Therefore, I invite the public to recommend the English Literature Study Program at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia as the first choice for prospective high school graduates this year to continue their education to higher education. Together with the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia S1 English Literature Study Program, we are ready to develop and shape students into empowered graduates. competitiveness in the international job market, added Suprayogi.

Vice Chancellor of the Indonesian Technocratic University Vice Chancellor of the Indonesian Technocratic University Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. conveyed that the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia had implemented an outcome-based curriculum so as to support the competence and expertise of graduates to be able to compete on a national and global scale.