Best PTS Sumatra The transformation of students into a new status, namely students, is the moment that parents expect the most and the students themselves have been waiting for. We really look forward to being a student by waiting for the announcement and then we get ready to sit in front of the laptop to wait for an incoming email from the dream campus, where we are reportedly accepted to study in the major we registered, this is the hope of all high school students and their parents alone. The learning process at the high school stage with the world of lectures will certainly be much different starting from the learning process, the atmosphere in the environment, the friendship process in lectures, to the challenges we will face in the future. It is not uncommon to find students who feel anxious or worried to face the process of changing times from students to new students on a campus.

The orientation period is a moment for new students who usually have great fears when they go to the event, such as meeting seniors, and getting piles of assignments from all lecture subjects. However, when we live the early life of being a new student, it is a fun moment, especially during student orientation. Currently, campuses have regulations which have a good orientation, fun is not as we fear, even please note that we will find many things that can be learned about our campus and majors during the orientation period. The success of students can be influenced by many things such as the lecture environment, family diversity, the lecture system, lecturers, teaching culture, and our own identity. What are the tips for preparing lectures for new students? These are 8 tips for new students to prepare for lectures.

Mentally Prepare for New Students

Life as a student requires us to know everything by ourselves. We have to change our mindset and mentality so that we will be able to withstand the problems that will be faced, such as piles of assignments and lecturers. Train us mentally by always trying to be able to accept the advice given by others and don’t be easily satisfied when you get compliments. Therefore, build ourselves to be mentally steel so that we don’t easily falter and give up in facing the world of college.

Getting a Place to Stop During College

After becoming a student, one of the important things to prepare for lectures is to find a boarding house or rented house. How do you find a good boarding house? The main key in choosing a boarding house is to conduct a survey of all boarding houses or rented houses closest to the campus. Why do you need the closest boarding house from campus?, looking for the closest one is meant to help us reduce monthly expenses in terms of transportation

Knowing Campus Area Transportation

Mode of Transportation needs to be studied in the campus area which is an important aspect to prepare for lectures. We can start looking for information about public transportation routes such as buses, public transportation, and motorcycle taxis. From that, we can know which route to take and the closest route to return to our boarding house. With this we can also reduce monthly expenses for travel transportation costs.


Procurement of Learning Equipment

The important thing for lectures to prepare is that we must have equipment such as a laptop or computer for the learning process and doing the assigned tasks. In addition, the need to complete the software on our laptops with some basic software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft excel and browsers. If we have financial problems, we can take advantage of the library where the library has computer facilities that are provided for students.

Adapt quickly on campus

Adapting quickly is important to college for new students. By adapting quickly, it makes us not easy to complain and quickly feel at home in living our daily lives as students. The easiest solution to speed up adaptation is to get and hang out with lots of friends, in terms of classmates or seniors on campus. Dare to ask our seniors how to prepare for college so that it can be used as a life reference.

Preparing College Standard Clothes

The campus has rules on how to dress students which we need to know these dress codes too. At school we use uniforms that have been made or determined, in lectures we are given the freedom to use clothes but that freedom still has limitations. Each college also sets rules such as dressing neatly, politely and wearing shoes instead of sandals.

Mempersiapkan Perkuliahan Untuk Mahasiswa Baru berkelompok

Looking for Information about Active Campus Student Activities

As students, we are not constantly learning. There are academic activities and non-academic activities that run in balance and hand in hand. We can participate in various kinds of student activity units (UKM). With SMEs, we get a lot of important experience in facing the world of work in the future, it can improve soft skills and hard skills as well. If there are no suitable SMEs, we can try to participate in committee activities at certain events organized by departments, faculties or by campuses. From this we get a lot of experience and friends.

Learn Management in Money and Time

Learning in college is different from school. The lecture schedule is indeed scheduled, but the class schedule can be different every day. Sometimes we will study from morning to evening, but surely we will find a day where we will only study in the morning. So, we must be smart in compiling, making good time management so that we can smoothly rest, attend lectures, do assignments, join student organizations and others. Prepare yourself in lectures which are not far from the importance of financial management. It needs to be designed about expenses that will usually be large because they have to buy a, b, c, d during college. We must be wise in managing expenses so that we are not wasteful.