UAS or Final Semester Examination is a series of course exams given to students by the campus at the end of the semester. UAS is held every 6 months at the end of the odd semester and even semester. Often UAS can burden students mentally and emotionally because of the large amount of material collected and the relatively short time span.

Well, here are tried-and-tested tips for studying and tips for dealing with your final semester exams or exams that will greatly affect the final result of your exams, and these results will have an effect on making your vacation calmer later:

Reopen Your Notebook

Periksa catatan Anda setidaknya mulai dari sekarang dan setidaknya 2 minggu sebelum UAS. Lengkapi catatan Anda yang belum selesai. Jika catatan Anda berantakan, carilah teman yang rajin dan akurat menuliskan materi kuliah dan membuat salinan catatannya. Catatan yang lengkap dan tertata rapi membantu pembaca memahami dan anda menjadi tidak cepat merasa bosan ketika belajar untuk menghadapi uas.


Reduce Learning with the SKS Method (Overnight Speeding System)

Studying the subject matter to deal with UAS with this method is very taxing on the mind. Of course, you can’t study the exam overnight because there’s so much material you have to understand. If you keep filling it like a cup, it will overflow. Our brains are the same. If you have to hold on to so many objects, it will only add weight and eventually spin. Rest time was wasted, and when the exams came, I wanted to sleep. Study the past a little so that you can go over it at least a little the night before the test and use the rest of the time to relax.

Study Group

In facing UAS, it is also important for you to be able to create study groups. Because it’s also an opportunity to share what you understand but your friends don’t know, and vice versa. But try to study this group and don’t get too close to the exam.

Know the Types of Questions for Each Lecturer

In general, when writing exam questions, lecturers use different testing strategies from one lecturer to another. Usually there are lecturers who only give one or two big questions with very long answers. Several instructors ask short, focused questions for each question, including all the chapters you can learn from the course material. Before starting the UAS, it’s a good idea to check what types of questions the instructor usually tests.


Do a Lecture Review with a Lecturer or Asdos

One of the best sources of information is the review sessions which are often conducted at various universities. In this session, Lecturers or sometimes Asdos, will tell you about the final exam. Of course, he or she can summarize the main points of the lecture, provide examples of questions and problems you will encounter while studying, ask questions about the course to be tested, and sometimes tell a story or outline relevant material in the lecture to be tested. This review will be of great help in preparing for the final exam.

Pray Before Starting UAS

Praying is the thing to do!! It’s a good idea to pray first before you do the final exam questions. Ask God to make it easier for us to think of answers.

Read the Question Instructions Carefully Before Starting UAS

Reading the instructions for this question is very important. Often students do not read the question instructions and just do it. And it wasn’t until I left the exam room that I realized that the way I wrote the answer was wrong. This happened to the author’s friend, and the questions that needed to be filled in correctly and incorrectly with ‘O’ and ‘X’ were filled in with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for sentences with right and wrong answers instead. And the funny thing is it’s not just one student who faces this problem, but several students in the same exams and subjects.

Do the easy questions first

Do the questions that seem easier to you first and don’t dwell on the things that seem difficult. Because your time will be wasted just looking for uncertain answers. After simple problems are solved, then work on problems that are difficult for you to solve.