Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Won Best Award I Academic Aspect of Student Affairs and Resources from LLDikti Region II

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia won an award as the best university I of academic, student affairs, and resources in the category of research grants for higher education organizing Vocational Education.

The award was given directly by the Head of LLDikti Region II Prof. Dr. Ishak Iskandar at a working meeting of leaders of LLDikti Region II private universities at Novotel Hotel, Bangka-Belitung, Saturday, 3/9/2022. Vice Rector Dr. H Mahathir Muhammad,S.E., M.M. received this award in person.

The best universities in the research category of higher education providers for vocational education are:

1. Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

2. Universitas Indo Global Mandiri Palembang

3. Stikes Sapta Bakti Bengkulu.

The Rector of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. H.M. Nasrullah Yusuf, S.E., MBA is grateful that the campus he leads has received this prestigious award. This proves that the hard work of all the big families of Teknokrat has yielded results, which are judged by others as the best.

Nasrullah explained that academically his campus is often considered superior to other campuses, both public and private. Nasrullah explained, that before becoming a university, Teknokrat had matured as high schools and colleges with two main instruments in computer science and English. It is not surprising that when it was manifested into a university, this campus was able to run fast and compete healthily with other state and private universities, even with Java and ASEAN.

LLDikti Region II Award. | Doc

Nasrullah said, in the field of student affairs, his party also encourages all students to have academic and non-academic achievements. Therefore, in every event at the national and international level, Teknokrat often becomes champions.

The Rector hopes that this award can further improve the quality of learning on campus. In addition, it encourages students, lecturers, and all employees to provide the best service to the community.

Students as the main subject of learning said Nasrullah, in the future, must further increase their capacity. That way, after graduating, they are really ready to enter the world of work. Even before graduating, he was very ready to compete in the world of work or open up job opportunities for other people.