On Friday and Saturday, September 2 to 3, 2022, UTI successfully held an international conference attended by speakers and participants from 5 countries, namely the United States of America, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, and Indonesia. The conference, which was called the 2nd International Conference on Language, Linguistics, Literature, and Education, carries the theme “Envisioning Hybrid Learning and Interdisciplinary Research on Language, Linguistics, Literature, and Education during the Post-Pandemic of Covid-19”. This conference was intended as a medium for researchers, lecturers, teachers, students, and practitioners to share knowledge and experiences in the fields of language, linguistics, literature, and education. On one occasion, the Rector of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Dr. HM. Nasrullah Yusuf, SE., MBA. said that UTI will continue to support various scientific meeting activities such as conferences, seminars, and webinars because the campus has a responsibility to provide solutions to problems that occur in the community through research and community service.

This international conference, which is abbreviated as ICLLLE, has been held for the second time by UTI. In the second period, speakers from various affiliations participated, both from Java and other islands such as Lombok, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and Bali. Based on university origin, the speakers and participants came from 58 universities both domestically and abroad, both state universities and private universities.

This year, ICLLLE presented one keynote speaker, namely Assoc. Prof. Jayne C. Lammers from the University of Rochester, USA. In addition, there are 6 plenary speakers, namely Asst. Prof. Fei Victor Lim from Nanyang Technological University, Prof. Wening Udasmoro from Gadjah Mada University, Prof. Eva Tuckyta Sari Sujatna from Padjadjaran University, Prof. Iwan Pranoto from the Bandung Institute of Technology, Prof. Firmansyah Dlis from Jakarta State University, and Asst. Prof. Heri Kuswoyo from the Indonesian Technocrat University.

The chief executive of this conference, Dr. Afrianto, confirmed that the output of this conference is publication in both proceedings (Proceedings) and journals (journals). The publication output in the form of proceedings consists of two types, namely proceedings published by Atlantis Press and indexed by WOS (Web of Science) which is a reputable international proceeding. To be included in this proceeding, the presenters will go through two stages of selection, namely the selection of ICLLLE reviewers and the selection of Atlantis Press reviewers. Then, the publication output in the form of other proceedings is proceedings with ISBN. In addition to the proceedings, other outputs of this conference are publications in national journals that have been accredited and indexed by Sinta (Science and Technology Index).

Furthermore, in an interview, UTI’s Vice Rector, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. said that ICLLLE will be an annual activity that is always carried out because this activity can be a locomotive for lecturers to research, disseminate, and publish their scientific works. (AF)