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  • 21 July

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia (UTI), the ASEAN’s best private university students from the Management Study Program of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) have won the 2022 Entrepreneurial Student Development Program Funding. This program is a program held by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. The FEB team that succeeded in obtaining funding this time consisted of three eighth-semester students of the Management Study Program. They are Jea Yuspita, Desy Wulandari, and Fatati Destriani. During the business development process, these students are guided by a UTI Management lecturer, Almira Devita Putri, M.B.A.

The business of this student team is engaged in services and trade. They have a business called “Korean Bouquet & Florist”. This business started from the opportunity that Jea Yuspita encountered when he was in college, precisely at the beginning of 2022, when he found that the demand for Bouquets to celebrate graduation events, anniversaries, and even weddings was increasing. Therefore, he started his business to take advantage of the opportunities that existed at that time.
Jea also has a high entrepreneurial desire and she has started various types of businesses since entering the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia in 2018. The business programs provided by the University are always followed by these three students. Where they have participated in the Business Entrepreneurship Program, the Business Club Program, and the Vaganza Entrepreneur Program which have been supported from the study program level to the University level.
The process that they have gone through has resulted in an increase in business capabilities, where they can increase their knowledge about the most important thing in business, namely “Business Value”. Students become aware that the value of their business is something different and cannot be owned by its competitors by focusing on the concept of “Korean Wive”. Starting from just liking the Korean Wive like K-Pop to becoming an opportunity that opens up business opportunities.

Not only that, Jea Yuspita, who plays the role of CEO here, has also been a speaker at the National Student Seminar with the theme “Business Implementation Challenges for Young Entrepreneurs”. The event was also attended by students from Universitas Telkom Bandung who became the second speaker. The National Seminar held by the UTI Management S1 Study Program has succeeded in bringing together the two speakers from different perspectives and business places. Thus, the seminar participants gain knowledge based on the current situation in the businesses that are being run by the speakers.
Previously, these students were also actively involved in organizing. They are listed as administrators of the UTI Student Executive Board, especially in the Fund and Business division. So, they understand where their passion is and take advantage of all forms of support for development programs provided by UTIs.
The 2022 Entrepreneurial Student Development Program (P2MW) aims to provide benefits to universities to design an entrepreneurial development process that is based on the development of creative technopreneur characters. In addition, it also supports universities to develop a network of cooperation between the Business World and the Industrial World (DUDI) to create an experience-based entrepreneurship development ecosystem (experiential learning).
This entrepreneurship program is also open to all active students in Indonesia and from this selection process, there are 888 student teams from all State and Private Universities throughout Indonesia.
Vice-Rector of UTI, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad SE., MM, stated that his campus supports and also facilitates entrepreneurship development activities at UTI. So that students can continue to produce achievements every year.
Mr. Mahathir is very proud because extraordinary students have creativity and innovation that are very beneficial for the development of their business.
Mr. Mahathir also added that UTI’s commitment to entrepreneurship development is one way to improve student competence. As well as the experience of students outside the campus so that they can compete with other campuses.