Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia student, Vina Qurrota Akyuningrum, Has Returned from an Exchange Student from the United States, and conducts PPL at SMAN 1 SEMAKA Tanggamus

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students, Vina Qurrota Akyuningrum and some of her friends are currently at SMAN 1 SEMAKA, Tanggamus Regency. Vina and her friends are currently undergoing a teaching practice program or PPL for several months.

Vina had an extraordinary experience when PPL was in this place. In addition to helping teach English here, Vina is also active in helping English Club extracurricular activities at SMAN 1 Semaka.

Vina said the school’s response was very good. They accept students who are PPL, especially when they found out that Vina had just returned from the United States in an international student exchange program at the University of Central Missouri campus.

Vina also shared her experiences with the students there, especially members of the English Club. Vina wants, they nurture dreams for success and study and life. The response was extraordinary.

Vina said that, in terms of technological infrastructure, the SEMAKA area must be given more attention. Signals in this area, said Vina, is difficult.

Thus, online activities are well-done conducted at school while the internet at his boarding house while in SEMAKA is not very supportive.

Vina said, there must be a lot of attention so that this area can be more advanced, especially in internet access.

However, so far, Vina is happy to conduct PPL at SMAN 1 SEMAKA. Moreover, the students are quite responsive to the presence of this Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia student.

Vina does not hesitate to share knowledge and experience. Moreover, she is also active as an activist for student organizations in Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. Vina has also been a Language Ambassador for Lampung Province.

Vina said she wants her existence and all students who conduct PPL will have a positive impact on the development of this school. Therefore, she gives the best to this educational institution.

She is happy because the activities of the English Club here were very good. She also provides motivation and tips to excel in English-language competitions.

Vina is sure, that from this school will be born a person who can make this school, region, and province proud.

The Vice-Rector of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, S.E., M.M. is also happy with this PPL program. He is happy that Vina and her friends can adapt and socialize well at SMAN 1 SEMAKA.

Mr. Mahathir wants Vina to provide input so that students here are motivated to be the best.