Field Experience Practice (PPL) is designed for final semester students as a training platform for prospective teachers to have complete and integrated teacher skills. This program includes hands-on teaching practice training and exercises in carrying out tasks and other educational services.

For readiness to form professional teachers/prospective educators, students from the Faculty of Letters and Educational Sciences (FSIP) Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia (UTI) Best PTS Sumatra Study Program S1 Education S1 Sports Education, S1 English Education and S1 Mathematics Education are given apprenticeship programs at schools that This is called Field Experience Practice (PPL).

The purpose of PPL is to prepare students or prospective teachers to have the ability to demonstrate performance in real situations in teaching and learning activities and other teacher tasks to be ready to become professional educators in schools. In particular, the objectives of PPL are to know the physical and non-physical environment (administrative, academic and socio-psychological) of the school, to have mastery of various basic teaching skills, to apply various professional abilities of teaching in a complete and integrated manner in real situations, to develop learning competencies in the field of study that become the subject of study. his specialty.

Before carrying out PPL, the students were provided with training in the fields of developing teaching tools, learning methodologies, classroom management, professional ethics for teachers and insight into the wiyata mandala.

Students of the Faculty of Letters and Education (FSIP) Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia (UTI) Sumatra’s Best PTS who have implemented PPL in SMK and SMA Negeri and Wasta totaling 115 students and 12 Field Assistant Lecturers.

Eko Bagus Fahrizqi, S.Pd., M.Pd. The PPL Coordinator said that FSIP PPL had been carried out by FSIP UTI from August to October 2021, totaling 17 schools. Cooperation with PPL in Bandar Lampung City and 3 regencies in Lampung. The schools as PPL locations in Bandar Lampung City are as follows: SMTI Bandar Lampung, SMKN 8 Bandar Lampung, SMKN 1 Bandar Lampung, SMKN 2 Bandar Lampung, SMKN 9 Bandar Lampung, SMK Gajah Mada Bandar Lampung, SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Bandar Lampung, Pioneer High School 1 Bandar Lampung. Meanwhile, the schools in Pesawaran Regency are as follows: SMAN 1 Gedong Tataan Pesawaran, Pelita Vocational School, Pesawaran Regency. Pringsewu Regency as follows: SMAN 1 Adiluwih Pringsewu, Islamic Vocational School Adiluwih Pringsewu, Muhammadiyah High School Gadingrejo Pringsewu. Meanwhile, the schools in South Lampung Regency are as follows: SMK Amal Bakti Jati Mulyo South Lampung, SMAN 1 Tanjung Bintang South Lampung, SMK Alhuda Jati Agung South Lampung and SMA Alhuda Jati Agung South Lampung, Eko explained.
Students of the FSIP Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, the Best PTS Sumatra in PPL, have the task of assisting the implementation of school administration, assisting the implementation of the teaching and learning process, extracurricular development, all of which are accompanied by school teachers and assistant lecturers from FSIP UTI. The duties of the assistant lecturers of FSIP UTI are to provide direction, visit students, be responsible and see the progress of FSIP UTI students while carrying out PPL at school, explained Eko as Coordinator of PPL FSIP UTI.

The school as a place for PPL cooperation expects FSIP UTI students to gain practical knowledge and professional skills of teachers that are not obtained while on campus, said one of the principals where PPL is located.

Dr. Heri Kuswoyo, S.S., M. Hum. The Dean of FSIP The Dean of FSIP UTI said that PPL is an activity carried out in the form of independent teaching and training directed at the formation of teacher skills that are systematically scheduled under the guidance of supervising lecturers and school administrators, so that students are expected to be able to apply the knowledge that has been obtained during lectures.

In addition to PPL being carried out at the school, the Best Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia PTS Sumatra with Schools signed a Cooperation Agreement (Mou) in the Fields of Education, Research and Service with Schools, one of which was the PPL Program. Hopefully, the PPL Program Activities and collaborative programs with schools will increasingly have a positive impact on the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia for the Educational Environment in Lampung Province, added Dr. Harry. (teknokrat)