Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia (UTI) The Best PTS Sumatra has been named the only private university to enter the UI Greenmetric World University Ranking in 2021. The awarding night, which was held online, was opened by the Chancellor of the University of Indonesia, Prof. Ari Kuncoro, MA., Ph.D. and the Greenmetric ranking was announced directly by the Head of UI Greenmetric world Prof. Riri Fitri Sari, M.Sc., MM.

There were 957 universities in the world announced on that night and the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia was the only private university in Lampung that was included in the ranking along with state universities from Lampung, namely UIN Raden Intan, ITERA, and Unila.

The UI Greenmetric ranking refers to six aspects that measure university performance and efforts in supporting sustainability, namely setting and infrastructure (15%), energy and climate change (21%), waste (18%), water (10%), transportation (18 %) and education and research (18%).

In terms of setting and infrastructure, the campus must be able to provide green open land and maintain the sustainability of the land including the flora and fauna in it for the benefit of the academic community and the community. In addition, campuses are expected to have health support facilities and are environmentally friendly. This category is also measured in terms of financial readiness to support sustainable environmental conservation funding.

Then, in the aspect of energy and climate change which has the largest assessment of this ranking, campuses must encourage innovation and use of smart and renewable energy, efficient use of resources, and also efforts to reduce carbon gas emissions. The buildings erected by the campus must support the green concept, aka effective and efficient in the use of power, both water and electricity. In this category the campus must be sensitive to climate change and global warming issues so that all campus services must support the green campus program.

Next, the waste aspect is an element related to campus efforts in managing disposal. Management of disposal in the form of solid waste and liquid waste is an important point in this assessment. In addition, the disposal of organic and inorganic waste must also be properly facilitated so that the campus can support reduce, reuse, and recycle programs.

In the water aspect, the campus must have a water use and management system. In this indicator, campuses are also required to have efforts in maintaining water conservation. Water management on campus must be supported by water recycling efforts so that its use can continue to be effective and efficient.

Furthermore, transportation is one aspect of the UI Greenmetric assessment which measures campus efforts in reducing gas and carbon emissions from vehicles. Campuses must have efforts to reduce the use of motorized vehicles in the campus area so as to contribute to reducing air pollution. In this aspect, campuses are also required to provide pedestrian paths for academics.

The last aspect that is no less important is research and education. This aspect measures the campus’ efforts in supporting research and innovation in the field of sustainable programs. Campuses are required to have a curriculum that is formulated to support solving global problems or issues such as poverty, hunger, crime, and the environment. Campus academics must be agents of change in supporting this sustainable program.

In this 2021 ranking, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia won the 45th national position with a total score of 5575. In detail, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia received the following assessment:

1. Setting and Infrastructure: 625

2. Energy & Climate Change: 1000

3. Waste: 975

4. Water: 600

5. Transportation: 1075

6. Education and Research: 1300

Green Campus Program (Green Campus) Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is motivated by, among other things, that the campus environment is expected to be a comfortable, clean, shady (green), beautiful and healthy place. In the context of environmental preservation, a green campus is not only a campus environment filled with green trees or a campus filled with green paint, but further than that the meaning contained in a Green Campus is the extent to which campus residents can utilize the resources available in the campus environment effectively. effective and efficient for example in the use of paper, writing utensils, use of electricity, water, land, waste management and others.

Sustainable and sustainable campus management by taking into account environmental aspects is a must for the implementation of a Green Campus. Problems such as climate change, water, air, and soil pollution, water, energy, and natural resource crises, and the reduction of green land are global environmental issues that are real problems around us, including in campus life. With the Green Campus program, it is hoped that problems around global issues can be studied further and innovations can be found that are solutions to these problems. carry out environmental management in a systematic and sustainable manner. The Green Campus is a reflection of the involvement of the entire academic community in the campus environment so that they always pay attention to aspects of health and the surrounding environment.

The Chancellor of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Dr. HM. Nasrullah Yusuf SE., MBA explained that he is very grateful for the achievement of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia in the UI Greenmetric ranking. “Alhamdulillah, through the declaration of UTI as a green campus by the Director of Belmawa Dikti in 2018, UTI has entered the UI Greenmetric ranking in 2021,” he said. Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is always committed to being a superior campus in supporting innovation and providing solutions to global problems and issues. (teknokrat)