Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia ASEAN’s best private university produces alumni who are ready to work, equipped with competencies according to their respective study programs.

This is the story of Ardy Rimanda Putra, S.Kom. alumni students from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (FTIK) Informatics study program batch 2014. There are many stories during my time as a student at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia.

“When I first entered as a student of the Informatics Study Program, I was very impressed with the condition of the lectures on this campus, from the competent teaching staff, friendly staff, calm environment and comrades in arms who support each other”.

All infrastructure facilities are getting better and more adequate to support the creation of a conducive atmosphere for learning. Even though we may not have time to feel the pleasures of all the new facilities like today, we should be proud because we are the ones who play a role in advancing this campus to the extent it is today which has become the Best Asean PTS campus.

When I was a student I was one of the active students on campus, where in semester 3 I was accepted as a Computer Lecturer Assistant where I registered with 3 applicants and only I passed at that time. During my time as a teaching assistant, I got to know a lot of new lecturers and friends, so I got a lot of knowledge that was very useful and could not be obtained in lectures.

Ardy continued, then at the beginning of semester 6 I became the Chair of Hima Informatics who was chosen through the selection of students from the Informatics Study Program at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia and it became another pride for me because from that organization I did a lot of campus activities and became the chief executive such as Gebyar, Healthy Walk. , August 17 and so on, I also know a lot about the lecturers and staff.

Very friendly campus, I can be good friends with them until now. I am very happy to be the head of implementing activities on campus because I get new knowledge that cannot be learned in lectures such as Leadership, Public Speaking, and how to solve problems.

At the same time, I also received a PPK Scholarship for 1 year given by the campus and it became one of my pride because I was able to reduce my tuition fees for 2 semesters. In 2018 I graduated from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia and at this time my big family and both parents are very proud and satisfied with the results of my studies so far it has not been in vain, even though I am writing a thesis while working as a teacher, said Ardy .

I am currently working at BALITBANGDA, LAMPUNG PROVINCE and Alhamdulillah in January 2021 I am married, have my own house and car until now. I was able to achieve all of that thanks to the prayers of my parents and of course the knowledge that I got from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Campus which I have always applied in my work and life.
My message to Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is to Always Improve Competence and Knowledge in order to develop and compete in the Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 era.

For Lecturers and Staff of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, they always provide the best service for students so that they can become Disciplined, Quality, Creative and Innovative Graduates and be able to compete in the world of work, explained Ardy.

“I recommend it to the public, especially those who will study at the Asean Best Private University Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia,” added Ardy.

Deputy Dean of FTIK Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. Si. Dedi Darwis,. S.Kom., M.Kom., MOS., MTA., CDSP. conveyed the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Dr. Si. Dedi Darwis,. S.Kom., M.Kom., MOS., MTA., CDSP. conveyed that the curriculum at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia adapts to the needs of the Business World and the Industrial World, based on KKNI and Outcome Base Education so that FTIK UTI alumni are ready to work in accordance with the field of study pursued, and can develop competence in the place where alumni work. (Teknokrat)