For new graduates, it is time to start looking for and applying for jobs. Every year, many companies start opening job vacancies again to fill empty employee slots. In addition to preparing work skills and skills, there are other things that are crucial but are often forgotten by job seekers, namely ethics in sending job application emails. This is crucial because the agency can personally judge based on the incoming email. if the method of sending an application email is still not good, how will the agency open our CV?. So make sure we don’t make the slightest mistake, here are the mistakes:

Using an Unprofessional Email Account

There are still many who still underestimate the email used when sending job applications. Don’t use an obscene email address, if someone is still using it, replace it with our original name. The risk is that the agency will ignore your email if you use an unprofessional name.


Forgot to include a subject

Must write the subject clearly based on the intended work position to your full name. if we write the subject, it will make it easier for the agency when selecting incoming applications. Because of the possibility at the same time, the company also opens job vacancies for different positions. Example of the format: for example this, Job Application, type of job, position and full name.

Don’t make body email and cover letter

Never send an email without an email body, or just attach a document. Give a short message starting from greetings for company agencies, introducing yourself politely, origin of job vacancies, expected positions, education and expertise, to closing greetings. For example this example. For cover letters, we are able to briefly promote ourselves. Fill in the cover letter using work experience, suitability of majors, relevant work experience, training and professional allowances that have been followed or awards. If our cover letter is in sync with the jobdesk provided for the position we are applying for, the agency will most likely see a more complete look at our CV. So making this cover letter is crucial to be the initial impression.

Document Size Too Large

Document size that is too large will make it difficult for recruiters to open our application files. Recruiters prefer documents packaged in PDF format, rather than in editable Word formats. So convert our Word archive to PDF first before sending it. Then collect all the documents in a zip / rar form, because it will be neater and smaller in size.


Don’t Send Too Many Email Applications To The Agency

And last but not least, don’t send too many job application emails at the same time. Sometimes companies provide news with a long period of time, most likely to make us forget. When the company confirms by telephone, we will panic and find it difficult to find company information. So it is better to do the process of recording all companies to which we have submitted applications. This is also intended so that we understand which companies we have applied for or failed, so we don’t send 2 applications to the same company.