Interview test should not be taken lightly. Especially if you want to apply to a dream campus. For higher acceptance expectations, preparation should be further optimized. For those preparing for the college interview test, here are some helpful tips you can read.

Find Sample Questions and Prepare Interview Test Answers

The first interview test tips friends can learn what to ask in a college admissions interview from alumni or experienced people. You can also search the Internet. There are many sources available. You can easily find sample interviews in Indonesian as well as sample college entrance exams in English. Knowing a list of sample questions will help you prepare your answers ahead of time. You can have more PDs and not be confused about the answers. The questions and answers for S2 and S1 were not significantly different. Maybe for a master’s program, the context of the question is more complex and requires a heavier answer. But in principle they are actually the same thing. The interviewer wants to know about you.

Here are some questions that may arise regarding your personality:

  • Who are you?
  • Please introduce yourself! (identity, marital status, education, interests, talents, etc.)
  • What is your life purpose?
  • What are your accomplishments or achievements so far?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? (this may have something to do with skills and personality or attitude)
  • What characters inspire you?
  • Say! What are your hobbies?
  • What do you usually do in your spare time?
  • How do you see yourself 10 years from now? etc.


In addition, the interviewer will usually ask questions related to your area of expertise, lectures, etc. Below is a list of questions that may arise.

  • How did you find out about this campus?
  • Why are you interested in applying to this campus and specifically for this specialization?
  • What do you know about this process?
  • Why take this course?
  • Let me know how attractive you are! What do you want to learn in this course?
  • What job do you want to do after graduating from this major?

Now that you have an outline of what you will be asking, prepare an appropriate answer Yes!

Prepare Your Answer. When Needed, Written!

The next interview test tip is to make sure the answers you prepare are not too long, not too simple, and in accordance with what you asked. You can inquire about the campus and major in advance. Make sure all the statements you make are not arbitrary. Answer honestly and don’t make up. It’s a good idea to write down answers to any questions you may have. You can make precise and appropriate sentences when compiling your answer. You can also write a more concise answer. Preparation of recordings for responses can also be made memorable.

Doing Basic Preparation Before Interview

These college interview test tips may sound clich√©. However, this is still important to note. Before you start the interview, make some basic preparations. First, pray and ask permission from parents so that the trip goes smoothly. Don’t forget to have breakfast, especially if you have an ulcer. You may want to bring a bag of bread if the interview is long and ends at noon. Fasting Interviews Can Disturb Concentration My stomach is full and my mind is certainly much calmer. Pinterest didn’t want that and a squeaking sound came off the boat during the interview. Smart should also pay attention to their appearance during the interview. Choose the neatest clothes in your closet. If there are campus rules, just obey them and there is no need to overdo it. Also iron your clothes so they don’t wrinkle. It is recommended to cut your hair before the interview. If you really like long hair, comb it gently. You also have to look good. Use deodorant and perfume in moderation. Don’t let the interviewer make a bad impression on you because of your body odor. Also pay attention to your stretching schedule. It is recommended to bring cleanser, deodorant, perfume and hair brush. So even if the interview is delayed, your appearance will still be maintained.

Try to come before the appointed time

Try not to be too tight on your schedule. It’s not too late yet, great! At least 1530 minutes before the scheduled interview. If you arrive earlier than your scheduled time, you can rest assured that you won’t be rushed. You may have more time to relax and strengthen your preparations.

Show Positive Gestures During the Interview Process

Some of the gestures you can apply:

-A smile shows friendliness and a friendly impression. Your smile can radiate positive energy. Keep smiling even when the interviewer makes a bitter face

– Eye Contact, when you’re talking to someone, it’s definitely more comfortable to have them look you in the eye. Eye contact is a sign of respect and interest. Eye contact should not be too harsh or blurry. Do it elegantly. Don’t make slow motions even if you’re tired.

– Answer questions with confidence Answer questions with confidence.

– Shorten “and-and-and” every time you say it. Stay relevant by answering questions.

– No need to brag and say unnecessary things.