Tips for Students in Seeing Business Opportunities

Opening a business is certainly not easy. You need to think carefully, what products or services will be sold, the target market, marketing strategies, to the characteristics that will be highlighted in your goods. In this case, you also have to be smart to see carefully what business opportunities are okay. Not just following market trends, booming for a moment, then dying. But of course you want the business to grow rapidly.

Business opportunity ideas can come from anywhere, including those around you. Remember, all of that must be accompanied by perseverance, hard work, unyielding spirit, creative and innovative. Without it all, it is impossible for your business to be big and successful.

Now the era is all online. As long as there is internet access, any activity in cyberspace is easier. The use of the internet and smartphones in Indonesia is quite high, making online business mushrooming. Call it a business opportunity to open an online store for fashion, culinary, automotive, and so on. Especially now that there are many marketplaces or e-commerce that are places for anyone to open a stall on their platform.

In addition to online stores, the next online business opportunity is to use social media, such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and blogs to gain rupiah. For example being a youtuber, influencer, vlogger, blogger, content creator, and others. This is a business that is on the rise, with small capital, but can bring big profits as long as you are creative in creating content ideas.

An entrepreneur sometimes has to act according to the right moment to be able to ‘ride’ the momentum. For example in an environmental situation where there is a shortage of water while he has a connection with a water distributor. Then it will be profitable to open a water depot. On the other hand, if there is abundant water or there are many depots around, then of course it will not be effective in opening this type of business. Entrepreneurs are not traders who only calculate the profit and loss of merchandise. Some businesses may require the entrepreneur to first lose money to build a position.

For example, if you are the first person to build an internet cafe in your neighborhood. Maybe the big capital to build an internet cafe will not return in a year or two. But after that maybe you will reap the benefits. The same applies to online startup businesses. Often opening and maintaining a website requires you to incur ongoing costs for a certain period of time.

If you’re confused, don’t have an idea, and don’t want to bother, you can try a franchise business. Just buy the license, you can become a partner. Franchise business, just accept it’s done. Simply deposit money according to the package price, you immediately get the opportunity to sell using the brand or franchise brand. Materials and equipment, to banners or banners are provided from their side. You just have to set up a stall to sell.

For example Kebab Baba Rafi, Sabana Fried Chicken, Indomaret, Alfamart, JNE, or bubble drink franchises, and others. In a franchise system, you as a partner must follow rules or agreements, such as the obligation to purchase raw materials from the franchisee so that quality remains consistent.

Many other ideas that we can get, it can be obtained through experience and also learning.