Awarding as one of ASEAN’s Best Privates University, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia always attempts to produce competent graduate who can work well in industry. This time, Rudy Iqbal Anwar, a student of the Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), has been awarded a scholarship from PT. Tunas Dwipa Matra (Honda) Lampung in 2022. His exceptional organizational experience and achievement has brought his confidence to propose the scholarship from one of the biggest automotive distribution company in Indonesia.

General Manager of Tunas Dwipa Matra Handed over the Scholarship

The Scholarship, CSR program from PT. Tunas Dwipa Matra (Honda) Lampung in 2022, is intended to provide financial assistance for the bright and potential students. It was handed over by Mr. Dony Ronaldo as General Manager of Tunas Dwipa Matra witnessed by Mr. Kris Kurnianto as Chief Operating Officer Lampung Region – PT. Tunas Dwipa Matra in the scholarship award ceremony.

About Honda Scholarship

The Honda scholarship held by PT. Tunas Dwipa Matra (Honda) Lampung is the first program that aimed at providing financial aid for universities and vocational high schools students. By achieving this scholarship it is expected that the students can improve their self-development and do not worry about the tuition or school fee during study. This CSR Program is designed to create a generation that excels intellectually, emotionally and spiritually through the development of academic and non-academic achievements.

Process of Scholarship Selection from PT. Tunas Dwipa Matra (Honda) Lampung in 2022

The scholarship program process took place from January to February 2022. Students participating in this activity must go through 4 stages of selection including file selection, initial interview, psychological test, and final interview. From a fairly long selection process and competing with other participants from several universities in Lampung.

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Student get Scholarship in the first place

Finally, Rudy Iqbal Anwar, a student of Management Study Program at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, the Champion’s green campus, managed to get the first place out of two other candidates for the Higher Education category.

Rudy Iqbal Anwar, one of The Best Student in Faculty of Economics and Business

Rudy Iqbal Anwar, a student at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia said that this scholarship is very helpful and gives encouragement to students, especially students in the province of Lampung. “I am very happy because this scholarship not only received educational funding assistance, but also received 6 soft skill trainings in the form of Leadership, Motivation, Digital Marketing, Communication, Entrepreneurship and Financial Management,” said Rudy Iqbal Anwar.

Rudy Iqbal Anwar also added that the training really helped me in improving my quality. “At first I was not confident because I was competing with outstanding students from other public and private universities in Lampung Province. However, after going through several stages, starting from the selection of files, interviews, psychological tests to interviews with the COO and other Top Managers, Alhamdulillah Allah SWT still gave me the opportunity to get this extraordinary sustenance.

“I also thank Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia for providing motivation and support as well as lecturer companions to guide me until I qualify for this scholarship”, he added.

Appreciation from PT. Tunas Dwipa Matra

Rudi has a great appreciation from PT. Tunas Dwipa Matra delivered by Mr. Kris Kurnianto as Chief Operating Officer Lampung Region – PT. Tunas Dwipa Matra (TDM). “I am very proud of the enthusiasm of the younger siblings who registered for the Tunas Bangsa Scholarship, I launched this program because it is exactly 45 years since TMD was established in several provinces. Lampung Province is one of the provinces where TDM is able to become strong, because of the enthusiasm of Lampung Province in the presence of TDM. For this reason, TDM provides Giveback which is intended for students and students of the nation’s next generation, thank God we have got the best among the good ones, namely Students from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia “in remarks via zoom.

FEB Lecturer at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia to accompany the selection of this scholarship

Dian Novita, S.E., M.M. conveyed his pride and admiration for students in this scholarship program. Rudy Iqbal Anwar deserves to pass and get the scholarship because this student is known as an active student in organization on campus. However, with his busy organization on campus, Rudy Iqbal Anwar was able to maintain an almost perfect academic achievement with an average GPA of 3.9 in each semester, Dian continued.

He continued, Dian expressed his hope that this could be a motivation for other Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students to be enthusiastic about improving their achievements. Another hope is that the CSR program of PT. This Dwipa Matra (Honda).