Success with the implementation of the activities of Strengthening Informatics Logic Understanding, Python Programming Training, and sharing knowledge about the Urgency of Mathematics Comprehension for students majoring in Software Engineering at SMKN 7 Bandarlampung, Monday 8 August 2022 Lecturers of the Indonesian Technocrat University enthusiastically explain the material on Programming Trends and Introduction to Android Programming. This community service activity at SMKN 7 was led by Mr. Rakhmat Dedi Gunawan, M.Kom., Mr. Permata, M.Si and accompanied by Mr. Zaenal Abidin, M.T and Mr. Faruk Ulum, M.T.I.

The material begins with an explanation of Programming Trends presented by Mr. Rakhmat Dedi and Mr. Permata. According to Global Digital Headlines February 2022, Total Population (total population): 7.91 billion (in 2021: 7.83 billion/up 1%). Connected Mobile Devices: 8.28 billion (2021: 5.22 billion/up 2.9%). Internet users: 4.95 billion (2021: 4.66 billion/up 4%). Active Social Media Users: 4.62 billion (in 2021: 4.20 billion, up 10.1%). The numbers on mobile device info show the huge potential for using Android compared to internet users and social media users. Still, according to Indonesian Digital Headlines, we get information that the Total Population (total population) is 277.7 million (in 2021: 274.9 million/up 1%). Connected Mobile Devices: 370.1 million (2021: 345.3 million/up 3.6%). Internet users: 204.7 million (2021: 202.6 million/up 1%). Active Social Media Users: 191.4 million (2021: 170 million, up 12.6%). Based on this data, it appears that mobile phone users are very high, reaching 370 million. This figure provides a requirement that the potential of working with Android coding skills cannot be underestimated. According to APJII, the number of Indonesians connected to the internet in 2021-2022 will reach 210 million out of 270 million Indonesians. The figure of 210 million Internet users is very high, so the potential for the Internet to be used using mobile phones is also very high. Based on simple statistics from Global Digital Headlines and Indonesian Digital Headlines, mobile phone users are very significant, so the opportunity to become a special Android programmer is very wide open.

The material continued with the introduction of Android Programming directly in the Computer Lab of SMKN 7. Students of SMKN 7 grade 12 in the direction of RPL listened carefully to the material presented by Mr. Rakhmat Dedi Gunawan, M.Kom., Mr. Permata, M.Si, and Mr. Zaenal aside. Abidin, M.T and Mr. Faruk Ulum, M.T.I. Submission of material is done in practice directly using Android Studio. Android Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android application development, which is based on IntelliJ IDEA. After successfully installing Android Studio, now we will create the first project with Android Studio and get to know what is in the IDE. Open Android and Click +Start new Android Studio Project.

Project Structure in Android Studio

In Android Studio we can see on the left the project tools window. Here we can view and manage the files of the Android project that has been created. The following describes the project structure in Android Studio: (1) manifest. In the manifest folder, there is the AndroidManifest.xml file. This file is used for declarations such as Packages, Activities, Services, Permissions, and others. (2) java. In this folder, there is a separate java code file with the package name (com.teknorial.helloworld) and in this folder, we can see MainActivity which is an Activity that has been created automatically. The com(androidTest) and com(test) folders are special app test folders. (3) p. res is an application resource folder containing drawable, layout, mipmap, and values ​​folders. Drawable is a folder used to store bitmap files or images in .png, .jpg, and .gif formats. Folder layout is where the file design or user interface layout is in XML format. a mipmap is a drawable folder used for the icon launcher application. values ​​is the folder used for value declarations such as colors, strings, and styles. (4) Gradle is a feature creation automation. More details can be found on the following website []. Gradle file contains used files, app version, signed key properties, repository location, etc. Getting to Know Activities in Android Applications: Activities represent a single screen with a user interface. For example, An e-mail application has activities that show a list of new e-mails, and other activities such as composing and reading e-mails. In the Hello World Project, we can see the Activity that has been created is in the app > java > com > technical > helloworld > MainActivity folder.

The sharing of knowledge was attended by +/- 50 students majoring in Software Engineering / Software Engineering class 12 and held in the computer laboratory of SMKN 7. The advantages of Android Studio are 1). Instant Run. 2). Intelligent Code Editor function.

3). Feature-rich emulator. 4) Unified environment directly supported by Google. 5) Supported by several Google services. 6). Can be used as a team. 7). Can be used for all Android devices.

The main hope of this activity is to provide more insight related to the Android field for SMKN 7 students to be more enthusiastic and more enthusiastic in learning to program and entering the world of coding more broadly. Mr. Salahudin, S.T., M.Pd. as the headmaster of SMKN 7, is very welcoming and fully supports the cooperation/implementation of this activity in the form of training for students and teachers at SMK Negeri 7 Bandarlampung, and hopes that this collaboration can continue in the future. This is also supported by a statement from the head of the Software Engineering Department, Mrs. Tiwuk Mariana, S.T. stating that this knowledge sharing will be very beneficial for SMKN 7 students. Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, S.E., M.M. as the vice-Rector of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, highly appreciate positively and fully supports all community service activities for the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Lecturers which are carried out at the SMKN 7 Bandarlampung school as a tangible manifestation of the concern of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia in improving the quality of the students of SMKN 7 majoring in hardware engineering. software through these activities.