PTS Terbaik Sumatera Best PTS Sumatra Talking about the need for work energy, there will be things that we must know before deciding to work. There are several things that we must have when we decide to work. As a model, when working in a workplace on the technician’s side, we must have technical expertise, a notary must know about the law, and so on. At least the skills at work have been prepared far from us entering the world of work. Skills are needed in this type of work. So when we decide to work, one crucial thing we need to have is hard skills. This hard skill can and is easier for anyone to learn. As long as we undergo global education, what is our education actually, we have been taught this hard skill. In this modern era, let alone having smart people, graduates based on the best universities, it is getting tougher to do the competition that we face. What has been seen in the eyes as well as unemployment that has occurred in our own country, even though there are job opportunities that have been opened, it’s just that the skills we have are still immature, lack of PD is still a ghost in our hearts.

The need for professional work skills and have good skills is the main demand at work. Especially in today’s global workforce, much is determined by changes in the market, economy & technology. A workforce who has good intelligence and skills to support the fulfillment of needs in the world of work. Technical skills are also considered (hard skills) and skills to manage oneself & others which are also called (soft skills) if someone has mastered both, then that person will find it easier to form job opportunities both for himself and the surrounding environment. When viewed in the current era Of course, there are also many companies or other jobs that require a balanced combination of hard skills and soft skills. If there are many mistakes that are reviewed, one of the two skills becomes useless, everything goes unbalanced, because the two skills must run parallel. For friends who want to increase Hard Skills & Soft Skills, there are various ways that can be done. One way that we can do is to take part in training. Some of the Soft Skills that we must have are as follows:

Have Soft Skills for Public Speaking

The ability that will increase our career is public speaking. The reason is, not everyone can speak in front of many people and tends to be afraid to start. Even though this skill is relatively good to have and can be used to lead meetings, seminars, and even large programs. Furthermore, if we want to be successful as professionals at a young age, there is no need to be afraid of being wrong to investigate this one skill. You can try practicing using a mirror to improve yourself. You must be able to do the exercises in front of your friends or family.

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Trained in Time Management

In addition to some of the abilities mentioned above, this management is a skill that we should not miss in the world of work. You have to organize so that you can complete various kinds of work well. Management skills will explain that we are directly responsible and have high discipline. It is very important to have soft skills on this one.

Can make good decisions

In the professional world, you will undoubtedly be faced with many choices, whether it’s choosing a company to work for, choosing a strategy for your business, and much more. Errors in decision making can have fatal consequences in the future. So it is important to have the ability to make good decisions. How to? By describing the advantages and disadvantages according to each decision taken, then you can only make a decision.

Creative Thinking in the World of Work

The competition for jobs is tough. Therefore, we inevitably have to think creatively and be able to market ourselves creatively. The first thing we do is think creatively by presenting a creative CV so that recruiters and HRD can see it. Furthermore, this creative thinking ability can provide inspiration or unique solutions to solve a problem. Creative people are generally more open to new inspirations & dare to do risky things.

Have Skills in Good Leadership in the Company

Another crucial skill is good leadership skills. As an individual, you definitely need not only good self-management skills, but also good leadership skills. Not only a manager who needs these skills, a staff member must also have the basic leadership qualities to lead a program, project or job.

Ability to Work Together with Others

Competing is mandatory, but collaborating is no less crucial. We must be able to work together with others in achieving their success. Moreover, in the professional world, it is very difficult to succeed without the donations of others. In this era of collaboration, for example, being able to work together with other people is a plus point in itself. Don’t think that working alone will look cool, it’s those who can work together with anyone whose career will skyrocket.

Having good communication skills

This one skill is indeed very good for both the younger generation in global work and in social life. Good communication is expected on every line of work to be able to coordinate well. Furthermore, every company must have many departments and each department requires good cooperation and coordination. How to improve communication soft skills by starting to learn to listen to other people and start knowing other people. Once we start to listen and know other people, we can determine how to communicate well with others.