S1 students of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (FTIK) Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Best PTS Sumatra presented Waste Water Treatment into Renewable Electrical Energy. Students of the Electrical Engineering S1 Study Program, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (FTIK) Universitas Teknocrats Indonesia, Green Campus The Champion presented a new and renewable energy system at the FTIK Expo activity at the Indonesian Technocrat University with the theme “Building a Golden Generation of Indonesia 2045 through Appropriate Technological Innovations”.

Vision of the Student Association of S1 Electrical Engineering FTIK Indonesian Technocrat University
Students of the 2018 Bachelor of Electrical Engineering study program FTIK Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Green Campus The Champion presented the work of Renewable Energy with the theme of processing existing energy into renewable energy. This work is a manifestation of the vision of the Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Student Association of the Indonesian Technocrat University to become a creative, innovative, and superior group in academic activities by 2025.

The event was attended by Management and FTIK Lecturers within the Indonesian Technocrat University and who acted as judges on the assessment of the presentation of the New and Renewable Energy System. From these results, which have been presented, then modified and displayed at the FTIK Expo, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia.

New and Renewable Energy Theme S1 Electrical Engineering FTIK Indonesian Technocrat University
The theme of New and Renewable Energy S1 Electrical Engineering FTIK Indonesian Technocrat University. The activity carried out by the FTIK Indonesia University of Teknocrats Best PTS Sumatra carries the theme “Renewable Energy” which is processing renewable energy that can be utilized and reprocessed both from nature and waste such as water, wind, waste water into energy that is beneficial to the community. .

Indonesian Technocrat University’s FTIK Student Works
At this Expo activity, undergraduate students of Electrical Engineering FTIK Universitas Teknocrat Indonesia promoted the work of Solar Power Plants (PLTS), Micro Hydro Power Plants (PLTMH), Wind Power Plants (PLTB), Biomass Power Plants, Water Treatment to Become Energy Renewable Electricity, Hydroelectric Power Plant (PLTA) in front of vocational students from various regions in Lampung Province.

One of the works of the S1 Electrical Engineering is a power plant from waste water by the xaviora team. The Xaviora team, consisting of Muhammad Reza Zulkarnain, Sony Adi Saputra Alexsander, Novan Dwiki Amanda, developed their work using items that were no longer used.

Power Generation from Wastewater by Team Xaviora
The tools and materials used in this research are 6 Topless, Copper (Cu) Cable, Zinc (Zn), Hose, MQ4 Sensor, Jumper Cable, Lamp, Battery, Joule Thief.
Meanwhile, why this tool was made with the aim of utilizing unused waste water in the community into electrical energy. “The other reason for making this tool is because every day there are tons of garbage, people don’t know that certain waste can transmit electrical energy, therefore we made this tool to see how much garbage can transmit electrical energy,” according to Reza student. Eletro technique one of the xaviora team.

Appreciation of the Vice Dean I FTIK Indonesian Technocrat University
Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs FTIK Dr. Dedi Darwis S. Kom., M. Kom. gave his appreciation to undergraduate students in Electrical Engineering FTIK Universitas Teknocrat Indonesia for their creation and courage in presenting the market and promoting it at the Expo 2022 event. Dedi also hopes that there will be other positive activities from the Student Association of S1 Electrical Engineering FTIK Universitas Teknocrats Indonesia, especially activities which can spur quality, discipline, creativity and innovation of students in academic matters.