Nowadays, working in the office for 9 hours without being absent is the choice of many people. That’s the joy of budding freelancers. Freedom of time and place as well as flexibility are the ideals of millennials. It is suitable for those who are still in college and want to earn extra income without sacrificing study time. It sounds like fun, but choosing a freelance job is not as easy as you might think. There are challenges to be overcome in order for customers to be satisfied with their jobs and to affect their reputation as future employees. Freelance careers can be very promising if you can work in a trained and professional way. Just because you’re free doesn’t mean you’ll be able to work on the agreed-upon project, you have a responsibility to make sure you’re satisfied. The flexibility that freelance work offers is a dream come true, but these 7 fatal mistakes can be counterproductive if you can’t avoid them.

Not Focusing on One Field of Work

Many people want to work as beginner freelancers, but haven’t found their passion or interest yet. Before you decide to become a freelancer or novice freelancer, you need to figure out what you want to focus on, what you are passionate about, and what you want to do in the future. Once you find it, develop and study the area until you master it. Focusing on a specific area makes it easier to find freelance projects later and better prepares you for optimal work.

Procrastination / Lack of Discipline

Because you feel free to control your working hours, your tasks will be delayed even if you don’t. You have to be able to be a manager for yourself. Your task is not only to complete this project, but also to manage your own work time as efficiently as possible. The company will no longer trust your work because it is considered unprofessional.

Messy Time Management

Working on multiple freelance projects is very profitable and your money will increase even more. But think again. If you have many projects at once, can you do all the work to the fullest? You must be able to manage your working hours wisely, and you should not have any intention of being more flexible than an office worker. Organize your freelance projects by creating your own project calendar to organize your projects and deadlines.


4. Kurangnya Komunikasi

One thing that will hinder a freelance career is the lack of communication skills. Communication with customers is very important for the smooth implementation of every project we work on. Good communication affects your results and customer satisfaction, and restores your trust for future projects. While the flying hours will hone your communication skills, it’s a good idea to learn your communication and negotiation skills before jumping into the freelance world.

Plagiarize the work of others

What is also dangerous for novice freelancers is plagiarism, which is imitating other people’s work without acknowledging the source. In fact, plagiarism is not justified in any way, not only when we are freelancers. So, novice freelancers must be careful in looking for references and inspiration. Whatever information you ingest, you have to treat it this way, from your point of view. Because all forms of plagiarism have rules.

6. Terjebak dalam Zona Nyaman

In general, when you are flooded with freelance projects, you are already comfortable with the field you are in. The bad news is that we tend to shut down to learning new things when we feel comfortable. Therefore, such work should be avoided, because the career will stagnate and you will not be able to develop more potential. Career and academic trends are always evolving and we are ready to adapt to any changes that occur.

Difficult or Not Easy to Get Clients/Customers

If you decide to freelance, you will have to find your own projects, organize your time and workspace, and manage your taxes and fees. The problem is that even if new freelancers can make money with these projects, they are hard to find.