Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia (UTI) Green Campus Sang Champion as many as 34 students re-entered the Certified Independent Study and Internship program (MSIB) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) this year.

Rexy Fahrezi UTI student proud to pass the MSIB program Kemendikbudristek
Of the 34 FTIK students at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, one of the students who passed the MSIB program was Rexy Fahrezi with a GPA of 3.83 for the S1 Informatics program at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. Rexy said that he was very grateful for passing the MSIB program and being able to experience independent studies from the Kemendikbudristek program. Rexy had the opportunity to study independently at the Human Resources Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics Jakarta starting on February 11, 2022 until July 11, 2022 with the name of the activity being Talent Scouting Academy – The Future of IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity, Analyst: Cybersecurity Analyst.

Rexy Fahrezi UTI Student Gets Material for Independent Study Program
In the independent study program of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Rexy as he is known, will study 6 material modules, namely 1) Introduction to Cybersecurity; 2) Cybersecurity Essentials; 3) Networking Essentials; 4) CyberOps Associates; 5) Network Security; and 6) Cloud Security. Furthermore, in this independent study, the learning system with a mentor from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics uses the Webex Online Meeting application, explained Rexy.

Not only that, the learning is also done independently using the Cisco Netacad LMS application. “Every week there is a task from the mentor, namely practice and quizzes that must be done to increase and test understanding related to the material being studied,” said Rexy, who will now enter semester 8.

Rexy Hopes UTI Students in Independent Study Program
Rexy has hope, while following independent studies at the Human Resources Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Jakarta, he wants to gain as much knowledge as possible, especially in the field of Cybersecurity, so that later he can enter the industrial world as an IT Security Professional with the experience gained and the international certification that Rexy really wants, continued Rexy.

Rexy’s Achievements by Indonesian Technocrat University Students
In his busy life on campus, Rexy took the time to join the Technocrat Programming student activity unit, so that Rexy has achievements in the IT field. Following are Rexy’s achievements, entering the Networking Competition Techphoria 2020 championship and 2nd place in the Networking Competition at the Techphoria 2021 activity by Sriwijaya University. In this Networking Competition, participants are challenged to configure and troubleshoot computer network topology and problems given by the committee using a Cisco packet tracer. Says Rexy.

And there is still another achievement, namely the winner of 1 Gold Medal in the Arubalympics 2020 competition held by the Aruba Networks company, in this competition participants will be given material and there is a quiz test at the end of the material every day, Rexy managed to get 1 gold medal on the third day. 3 in this Arubalympics.

In the 2019 Indonesian Cyber ​​Community Competition (KKSI2019) by TNI-AD and Finalist GEMASTIK 13 Cybersecurity 2020 by Telkom University, in this competition participants are challenged to find security holes and try to exploit these security holes to get points, so that each the team will fight for the most points to be the winner.