English is the most used language and as an international unitary language, because English is the main international language, we may need to take an English proficiency level test such as IELTS or TOEFL as part of the conditions for studying abroad. This test may look easy, but learning to write and speak in a good manner and be fluent in a new language is certainly not easy. In order to be successful, of course, we must try hard continuously to be able to use a new language, but there are some quick ways and tips that can help improve our English skills. Many people need to take special courses or training to improve their English language skills, when in fact there are many simpler but effective ways to improve English language skills that can be taken. Here are tips to improve English skills in a simple way. Here are ways that can be done to help improve our English language skills using fast:

Reading / Membaca

The first way to hone your skills in English is by reading a lot of literature in English. if we are happy to follow information or issues about global celebrities in newspapers and magazines, we only need to regularly read information according to foreign websites. If you are a fan of novels or comics, try reading fiction novels and comics in English. You can find various kinds of ebooks that can be read at any time on the internet, at low prices and don’t cost a lot of money, for example if you have to buy an English book that is printed on paper. It is natural that at first we feel difficult about what we read. just little by little open the dictionary. Keep reading until you understand more or less the outline of the information. In not too long, we will get used to using sentence structure and speech selection. It only takes a few months to get used to using the reading pattern.


Watching Movies In English

The film series on Netflix may not really improve English language skills, but it will help us know better English, get used to hearing English everyday, how the dialogue forms in English, and implicitly can know In addition, we can look for terms that sound informal or unusual, and look for more scientific equivalents. Of course we can also watch English documentaries so we can get used to using English more. Watching English films will help you start to really think in English.

Writing atau Menulis

After a lot of reading and observing, your understanding of English will definitely improve. However, this still results us in the category of passive English users. To further improve your skills, try writing in English. You can train yourself by translating the stories that we usually write in diaries or reviews on blogs into English. Don’t worry if your language structure is still messed up. The important thing is that we can practice to get used to using a foreign language. Writing down new vocabulary is the best and easiest way to memorize it. And writing in a series of sentences in our English makes it easier to evaluate our language errors.

Start Using Commonly Used Vocabulary

Write on a personal computer or book, vocabulary terms that are often used, especially in everyday dialogue, make a list of terms and phrases that are often used. Every time you hear a new term you hear, write it down. Don’t just be serious about the term itself, but look for synonyms or antonyms according to the term. After all, we may understand and know the meaning of some terms, but do we know how to use them accurately?


Learn to do dialogue in English

Although the task of listening and reading may be very useful to improve our ability, we also need to use English actively by means of communicating or speaking in English, it will improve our English speaking skills. Maybe you can find someone who has native English speakers to help you improve your English skills. Or we can find people who are also learning English to be friends in practice. Another option is that you can try talking to yourself in the mirror or recording yourself. Maybe it will be a little awkward if we hear our own voice, but we will understand where the error lies that we were not aware of before.

Utilizing Games and Social Media

This is one of the easiest ways to improve English language skills. Take advantage of all the social media we have to learn English. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account settings in English. Look for virtual global friends who use English in everyday life and often interact using them. Apart from being able to make friends from different countries, interacting with them will give you the opportunity to explore new vocabulary. Play the games we love. Usually games, whether they are RPG or time management and tactics are usually accompanied by chat in English. Of course, while playing, we are able to learn English according to that.

Making Small Notes

If you find new vocabulary that you don’t know, there’s nothing wrong with making mini notes to help you remember it easier and learn it again every time. This is not a difficult step. We do not need to carry pencils and books everywhere. Simply take notes on the phone.

Increase Your Curiosity to Understand

To be able to improve English language skills quickly, we must ask a lot of questions and try to find the answers on our own. Don’t just read but understand why these terms are used in an exclusive way, are there other forms of terms? Do not immediately believe from an online reading on the internet but look for more for comparison.