ASEAN’s Best Private University Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Won 1st Place in Scientific Work Contest with the title “Internet of Things-Based Egg Incubator” at Brawijaya University

The computer made a proud achievement by winning 1st place in the Scientific Work Contest with the title “Internet of Things-Based Egg Incubator” which was held at Brawijaya University.

The IoT Computer Engineering team again brought a proud achievement to the champion campus, namely the success of getting 1st place at the national level in the 2022 Internet of Things Scientific Paper, where in this competition students wrote scientific papers about Microgreen Boxes that can help urban communities grow healthy plants. In addition, this Internet of Things-based technology also makes it easier for users to monitor the air temperature in microgreen boxes. The development of this technology is in the form of applications (software) that are integrated with tools (hardware) through the internet network, the competition is held at Brawijaya University.

Teknokrat IoT Team named “Former” in the IoT 2022 scientific writing competition was attended by public and private universities throughout Indonesia which had 3 processes where stage 1 was in the form of proposal selection, then stage 2 was collected scientific papers and then the final stage was carried out.

With strong motivation from the Champion team, namely Ryan Puji Cahyono, Nadiya Safitri, and Muhammad Farhan and the motivation of the supervisor, namely Mrs. Styawati, M.Cs and support from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, the students finally succeeded in winning the 1st (one) position in the following order. following.

1st Place: Former Team from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

2nd Place: Elkasista28 from Army Polytechnic

3rd Place: Climber Tracker Team from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Vice Rector Dr. H Mahathir Muhammad S.E., MM. appreciate this achievement. This is a concrete form of campus support for the development of IoT technology on campus. He said, IoT technology must continue to be developed on campus. In addition to being able to achieve achievements and confirm the existence of the campus, this also makes progress for Indonesia in terms of technology. Therefore, said Mahathir, campuses pay great attention to this IoT technology.