8 Tips to Increase Enthusiasm for Learning

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ecreased enthusiasm for learning is a very common thing. However, don’t let this happen for too long. Therefore, let’s look at the tips to increase enthusiasm for learning below.

The general decline in the spirit of learning is experienced by all students who are in elementary school (SD) to high school (SMA), especially students who are in the final level of education, for example grade 6 elementary school, 9 junior high school, and 12 high school . Whereas students who are sitting in the final level actually need a very high enthusiasm for learning because they will soon face the final exam. For that, you really need to know tips to increase enthusiasm for learning.

Benefits of increasing enthusiasm for learning

Before knowing more information about tips to increase enthusiasm for learning. It’s good for you to know some of the benefits of increasing enthusiasm for learning below:

1. Increase study productivity

It’s not only the workforce that needs to increase productivity but also students. Because the increase in learning productivity is useful to make it easier for students to understand the subject matter better.

2. Understand the subject matter better

When learning the most important thing is not memorizing the material but understanding the material. Because when you understand you will definitely be able to more easily master a material better and be able to work on all types of questions with ease. A high enthusiasm for learning will greatly facilitate you to be able to understand all the subject matter well.

3. Makes you not give up easily

Sometimes when studying, you will definitely face challenges, for example, when the questions are difficult or there is material that is difficult to understand. High enthusiasm for learning will make you not easily give up to understand the material and work on these difficult questions.

Tips to increase enthusiasm for learning

Did you know that the tips to increase enthusiasm for learning below can not only be applied when studying alone, you know , but also when studying at school with a schedule that has been determined by the teacher.

Some tips to increase enthusiasm for learning that you can easily apply, namely:

1. Determine the study schedule

The first thing you need to do to increase your enthusiasm for learning is to determine a schedule and study duration. For example, on Monday you will study Indonesian for one hour from 15.00-16.00 and Mathematics for one hour from 16.30-17.30. If necessary, also determine the material to be studied at one time.

After that try to stick to the schedule you have made. Don’t hesitate to determine the schedule and duration of study according to your abilities.

2. Get to know your learning style

Everyone has their own learning style. Some study style while doodling in books or some while listening to music. Applying the preferred learning style will make the subject matter easier to understand and increase the enthusiasm for learning. Sometimes you can also combine several learning styles so you don’t get bored easily.

3. Take regular breaks

Mind and body need to rest regularly you know . So, on the sidelines of studying, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break to just take a break by opening social media or reading your favorite comic. However, limit the duration, don’t let your break time be longer than your study time. Ideally rest is done for 5-10 minutes, after studying for approximately 2-3 hours.

4. Diligent in sports

No matter how busy you are while studying, try to always exercise regularly. No need for sports that need to sweat a lot like swimming or basketball. Because walking with pets or jumping rope with a duration of 5-10 minutes is enough to increase enthusiasm for learning.

5. Eliminate distractions

It is undeniable that sometimes the gadgets that are on the study table or the TV that is on can interfere with concentration for studying. Therefore, while studying, try to eliminate all possible distractions. For example, by turning off gadgets, turning off the TV, and not putting pets in the study room while you are studying.

6. Create a comfortable learning atmosphere

Although it looks simple, creating a learning atmosphere is also very useful for increasing enthusiasm for learning. How to create a comfortable atmosphere for learning for each person can be different.

However, generally a comfortable working atmosphere can be created by cleaning the study table from all items that do not support the learning process. In addition, if necessary, you can also use an air humidifier or air humidifier to make the room air fresher. But you can only apply this when you’re school from home .

7. Study with friends

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with studying with friends. Because sometimes when learning the subject matter being studied can be more easily mastered. When school from home or school from home like now, you can still study with friends, how can you use Zoom or Google Hangout.

To make studying with friends feel more leverage, limit the number of friends you want to study with to a maximum of five people. Because studying with a large number of people can actually interfere with the learning concentration process.

8. Learn using interactive videos

Interactive videos are useful for making you understand learning material more easily, especially for some subjects that look less interesting if you only look at books, such as Mathematics or History.