ASEAN’s best private University Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia organizes an international guest lecturer program (International Visiting Lecturer), Information Technology Undergraduate Study Program, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science) online via zoom (Tuesday, 17 May 2022. The speaker in this lecture is Dr. Muhalim Bim Mohamed from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.The topic in this lecture is “Wireless Security: Technical Challenges, Recent Advances, and Future Trends for Industry 4.0”.
In the lecture, Dr. Muhalim explained that wireless security plays a very important role in supporting current technological advances, especially industry 4.0. In this modern era, everything is connected to each other through network technology which is growing rapidly. The latest, network technology has touched 5G and will continue to improve in the blink of an eye, both on wired and wireless media.
Wired media is considered ineffective if used with high mobility, so wireless media appears as the best solution. The progress of wireless media is very fast, accompanied by weaknesses that are also the next challenge to be achieved, as well as in the security aspect. Wireless security or more popularly known as wireless security is the study of how to manage and maintain wireless network security effectively and efficiently in the face of hacker/cracker attacks.

Until now, there are still many methods being developed to minimize attacks, ranging from slightly dangerous to very dangerous categories such as eavesdropping attacks, DoS attacks, data falsification attacks, node compromise attacks. This is what makes the field of wireless security very sexy in the audience of world researchers who aim to protect networks effectively and efficiently.
This lecture was attended by Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students and was followed by interesting discussions in a question and answer session. Dr. Muhalim expressed his appreciation to the students who were involved in the discussion. He also felt very interested in this program and welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia by inviting Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia lecturers as guest lecturers at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. said that the International Visiting Lecturer Program is one of the efforts of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia to provide the best education for students. Through this activity, students have the opportunity to have an international study experience. By attending international lectures and interacting with the international community, such as lecturers and students from abroad. This is in line with the vision of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, which is to become a World Class University. (Teknokrat)