Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Held a Personal Branding Training For Vocational School Students in South Lampung

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia ASEAN’ carries out Community Service (PKM) activities. This PKM is about personal branding training for students of SMK Al-Huda Jatiagung, South Lampung.

This PKM activity was carried out by Lecturers and Students of the Mathematics Education and Management Study Program, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, which was held on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, and was attended by students of SMK Al-Huda Jatiagung, South Lampung. The Lecturer Team involved is Lia Febria Lina, SE., M.Cs. Nicky Dwi Puspaningtyas, S.Pd., M.Pd., and Putri Sukma Dewi, M.Pd. Meanwhile, the student team involved were Sarah Salsabila, Irna M., Intan Mauliya, and Putri Meilia Asmara.

Personal branding is a strategy to form one’s image so that the public or others can judge it from their achievements and achievements. Personal branding is needed to build a self-image in public. Therefore, it must be formed with care. Personal branding can be interpreted as an individual’s efforts to market his career, experience, and also himself as a brand. In the business world, personal branding is indispensable and has a strong influence. It can be said, this helps individuals be more easily recognized and trusted by others.

The high level of competition in entering the world of work makes vocational students need the ability to get a decent job. One of the skills that must be possessed is personal branding. Personal branding is a personal identity that can create a perception in the minds of the audience, namely about the value and quality that is carried by the owner of the name. The reality that occurs is the lack of students’ social media roles in improving students’ self-image. The majority of social media is only used as a place to share non-academic activities. Thus, it is difficult to build a self-image that will support students in entering the world of work.

The students of SMK Al-Huda Jatiagung were very motivated and excited to take part in this training. The personal branding practice that is practiced is improving students’ social media, namely Instagram. This training was opened by the Deputy Principal for Public Relations at SMK Al-Huda Jatiagung, Mr. Joko Widodo. The Al-Huda Vocational School was very enthusiastic about welcoming this activity. Deputy principals, teachers, and staff of SMK Al-Huda also listened and participated in this training.

One of the presenters, Lia Febria Lina, SE., M.Cs. in the material said that students should use their social media accounts wisely. Trends that occur in employers today seek information related to applicants or job seekers from the applicant’s social media. Therefore, students must be able to filter what is allowed or not to be shared on social media. Furthermore, this Lecturer in the Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia stated that students should make the best use of the “bio” feature on Instagram. With this feature, students can maximize their branding. What they want to be known by others, especially the company or employer.

At the end of the training, students were asked to create an Instagram Story related to the application of personal branding that had been delivered in the training. After that, the Instagram Stories from the students were selected and assessed. The two participants with the best content were then given gifts or souvenirs from the PKM Team of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia.
This activity went well and could not be separated from the support provided by Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, as well as the Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM) of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. With the implementation of this activity, it is hoped that a good relationship will be established between Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia and SMK Al-Huda Jatiagung so that cooperation can be continued in other fields.

Vice-rector of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE, MM. conveyed that he was very supportive of PKM activities at Al-Huda Jatiagung Vocational School, South Lampung. “Hopefully, this PKM is useful and adds insight in preparation for the campus world and the global era,” said Mahathir.