Best PTS Sumatra During college, of course, there are many students who have not thought about making a CV. There are even those who have graduated or are also called fresh graduates who do not know how to write a good, correct and interesting CV applying to the company they are applying for. Usually fresh graduates are confused about this and also because they do not have work experience. Please note that being involved in campus organizations at the time or participating in UKM can be material for your CV as a fresh graduate. Many companies are looking for employees with experience in the professional world which makes us confused to enter because there is no experience. As a fresh graduate, you must be worried about how to present yourself well in front of recruiters. This is what makes the CV compile as is but in the hope of getting good luck at the time of the interview call. Having a fresh graduate, you can still make a CV that is still attractive even though you don’t have work experience for recruiters. Check it out, how are the tips in writing a CV for those who don’t have work experience or are fresh graduates.

Keep in mind relevant experiences at the time of Lecture

Remember Don’t feel inferior about not having work experience, remember to remember relevant experiences when you were in college which you can write on your CV. At least it’s somewhat relevant to the field you’re applying for. Don’t assume this is not a big deal, at least a recruiter so there is material in assessing that you have a basic knowledge and experience at college which of course is also useful for the position you want to apply for. For example, you want to apply for a job or pursue a career as a journalist. Then you can write down your experience during your internship first, what your internship position was and that relates to writing as well.

List Skills Mastered Gained When Joining Campus Organizations

You must not have thought!, Experience at the time in the organization can be an important assessment when applying for a job, so that it becomes one of the ways to deal with your shortcomings in work experience, especially those of you who have just graduated from college. Make a separate column from work experience such as internships or experiences, volunteering, so that it can be included as your organizational experience. Organizational experience, for example participating in BEM, being active in UKM, and being diligent in participating in student associations will be useful to be listed for several positions. From this experience, you can demonstrate your abilities and skills, for example, the ability to lead, management of work completion, planning, and so on. Do not forget to include the position you occupied during your term of office being organized. so that recruiters have an idea of ​​the responsibilities you once had. No need to list everything that is relevant to the targeted position.

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Show Your Extracurricular Skills

Participating in UKM activities is beneficial for students to practice soft skills and increase your experience. You in following extracurricular can increase the opportunities when applying for a job. As well as listing organizational participation, including extracurricular activities can also provide evidence of the abilities or skills possessed so that they can be included in the CV.

Last Education Must Be Listed

Including your educational background is a solution for those of you who don’t have work experience. As reliable as where you went to college, what major you were in, and when was the year you graduated. Keep in mind, it is not necessary to fill in the entire educational history that has been taken, for example Education in Kindergarten, Education in Elementary School, and Education in Junior High School. Just high school or college. Don’t forget to include hard skills and soft skills when carrying out education in class.

Create Your Own Portfolio

Showing your portfolio can be done in various ways. You can take advantage of application platforms such as special Instagram, Linktree for your article writing, your Twitter, your blog, and others. You can include skills in the field of design, for example Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator if that’s your ability, don’t forget to prove your abilities by including attachments to your work, your design results on your CV into portfolio form. Portfolios make a big impact on your assessment by recruiters. Not only in the form of designs or images, but Portfolios can also be written into written works, photographic works, the results of the translation of something, the art of making videos for editing, or blueprints for an architect.

Make a Brief Self-Description

Make a brief description. You can explain that you are a fresh graduate, who has a good personal interest in the field you are studying that can be applied in your career. No need to enter things – enter your domicile, where you were born, your date of birth, history in education, and others. Remember, it’s important to catch the recruiter’s attention while reading your CV. from that avoid entering things that are not relevant or far from the job you want to apply for. A brief description of yourself is basically a short explanation that explains your experience and skills. It’s enough to write it in a short form, not just bullet points.

Design a Neat CV

The layout design for the CV is important, remember!, in designing, do not use various color combinations, especially connecting elements. A CV that is too busy, starting from the colors, ornaments, etc., will create a childish impression, making it look unprofessional.