Universitas PGRI Silampari comparative study and taken a memorandum of understanding with Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

As the best private university in ASEAN, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is still a reference for other universities for comparative studies and collaboration purposes. On Tuesday 17 May 2022, Universitas PGRI Silampari (UNPARI) Lubuk Linggau, South Sumatra held a comparative study and took a memorandum of understanding with the Indonesian Technocrat University. The Rector of UTI immediately welcomed the arrival of the group from UNPARI accompanied by the vice Rector and other academics. On the same occasion, Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Cooperation UNPARI, Drs. Sukasno, M.Pd. also attended the activity. In addition, the Dean of the faculty of science and technology, Dr. Drajat Friansyah, M.Pd, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Dr. Viktor Pandra, M.Pd, Head of Mathematics Education Study Program, Eid al-Adha, M.Pd. and along with 45 students from the Mathematics Education study program were also present.

When giving a speech, the Vice Rector of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Dr. Mahathir Muhammad, SE,. MM. introduced UTI both from an academic and student perspective. In addition, Mahathir also said that this collaboration was a moment to exchange ideas and motivate each other to move forward together. On the same occasion, Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Cooperation UNPARI, Drs. Sukasno, M.Pd. conveyed the same thing and expressed his gratitude for the very impressive reception from the Chancellor, Management, and the UTI academic community.

In addition, both parties signed a memorandum of understanding which was based on the tri dharma of higher education including education, research, and community service which includes education and training in human resource development, holding scientific meetings, scientific publications, research programs, community service. , assignment of lecturers to support the development of study programs, and the provision of facilities for activities required in the university environment. This event was also enlivened by dance performances and performances by outstanding UTI students, namely storytelling and infographic presentations.

Furthermore, the UTI team took the UNPARI group on a campus tour to see the facilities at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia by visiting the Computer Laboratory, Language Laboratory, sophisticated E-Learning Studio, visiting the Lampung traditional house, the magnificent student arena, the mosque garden, and the existing rectorate building Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia.

In a separate event, at the Rectorate, the Rector of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Dr. HM Nasrullah Yusuf, SE., MBA accompanied by the Advisor for the Teknokrat Education Foundation, Hj. Hernaini, SS., MPd. received a group visit from Universitas PGRI Teknokrat who also continued the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding. On that occasion, the Rector of UTI said that UTI always strives to be able to create graduates who are reliable and globally competitive because this is one of the functions of higher education.