Our University Values

Discipline, Quality, Creative & Innovative

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is now growing into a campus that excels in the scope of Lampung, at the national level, and even at the Southeast Asian level. The success of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia today cannot be separated from the motto which is the main breath of this campus. This motto then inspired all campus academics to make this campus a Campus of Champions.

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia has also become a reference in many ways by government entities, the TNI, Polri and others. The contribution of this campus is recognized by many parties. Not only in the academic field, in the non-academic field, but the achievements of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia are also very prominent. For example in the fields of arts, culture, and sports. All of this can be realized because there are 4 mottos that have always been a reference for the entire Indonesian Technocratic University family. The four mottos are discipline, quality, creative and innovative.


Discipline is one of the keys to Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia being able to develop as advanced as it is now. All elements on this campus really make discipline in all things the main axis of change for the better. For example, discipline in terms of time. All lecture activities, extracurricular activities, including big events that are often held here, are always on time. The leadership of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia has set an example of how to make this discipline an ingrained attitude.

Discipline in dress as well. So here you will not find students and lecturers as well as all staff who are not neatly dressed and far from decency. All are required and disciplined to wear neat, appropriate clothing and show a high level of professionalism. Discipline is non-negotiable as an important part of making this campus better, more integrated, and more useful for society. Discipline is one of the provisions for graduates in the world of work and entrepreneurship.


Graduates of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia will be absorbed by the job market and be able to set up their own business because they have good quality. This quality is created as a result of the correct pattern of education on campus. Without efforts to create this quality, it is difficult to produce graduates who are ready to use.

Quality makes graduates of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia truly ready to enter the workforce. In fact, even before they graduate, they are already equipped with a lot of knowledge and skills, with diplomas and competency certificates. So that when they graduate, that quality has become a variable that is inherent in them. One thing that is also maintained properly in the context of quality is to prepare competent teaching staff. It is these lecturers who have a large stake in the realization of quality graduates.

This quality has also led Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia to become the best private campus in ASEAN in various assessments of trusted rating agencies. This quality is then maintained until now. This quality is also to be maintained and even improved.


Creative means having new ideas and ideas about something. This idea is always being developed by Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia so that it always has something special compared to the others. By being creative in thinking and acting, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is able to excel when compared to other campuses, including state ones.

Creative makes the mind open to something new. Every time there is a problem, there is a creative side that is produced. Creativity in something very expensive. Because, with this creative we can produce big ideas and have a broad impact on society.

During the past Covid-19 pandemic, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia was creative first by collaborating with the TNI and Polri to carry out mass vaccinations at the Dr HM Nasrullah Yusuf Sports Center. With this creativity, achieving the vaccination target can be realized quickly. When other people haven’t thought of it, the Indonesian Technocrat University has produced creative ideas to make it happen.


Innovative is our ability to develop ideas into a product. Innovation is more about ideas into moves that are more tactical, more technical, and more strategic. Innovative is always run at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. So, from the creative side, it can then be implemented into something more innovative.

The use of solar energy, which has not been widely used in other campuses, has been implemented by Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. This is because the campus is thinking ahead that we need energy that is environmentally friendly and not fixated on energy fuels that have been relied on so far. Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia has produced innovations in this field.

This includes innovation in the field of robotics which is the advantage of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia when compared to all campuses in Indonesia. Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia innovates by preparing human resources capable of innovating in life. For example, by developing floor cleaning robots that are controlled by cellphones, robots to assist cafe owners in serving guests, robots to help sprinkle water in agricultural and plantation areas, and many more.

Innovative is the ability to process ideas into products and services that are implemented by its human resources. Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia has a great commitment to always produce great innovative works for the benefit of society.