Warm-up Techniques in Basketball Games

Before playing in the game of basketball, you need to warm up first, as you must do for sports. With the warm-up, the athlete’s performance can be maximized, which is much more important, namely preventing injuries when playing basketball that are often experienced by players, for example, knee injuries, ankle injuries, ACL injuries and others.

What Are the Benefits of Warming Up Before a Basketball Game?

Here are the benefits of warming up for the body as follows:

1. Streamlining the process of blood flow in the muscles that exist.

2. Improve the performance of muscle tissue in the body

3. It can raise the athlete’s psychology to improve the athlete’s ability.

4. Streamlining the binding of oxygen to hemoglobin in the body.

5. Streamlining the body’s metabolism so that it can increase the amount of energy produced.

6. Increases heart rate so that the heart is able to pump blood more forcefully.

7. Avoid muscle tension or cramps.

Types of Basketball Warm Up Techniques

Warming up before playing basketball is very important because there are many benefits that have been described in the benefits of warming up basketball. The following are some recommended techniques for warming up before playing basketball:

Warming up by Skipping

What is skipping?, Skipping or often referred to as jumping rope. Skipping is one of the warm-up techniques before playing basketball that can provide great benefits for basketball athletes. This warm-up aims to improve the ability to optimize the basketball court. Warm up by skipping at least three or four minutes before a basketball game. The benefit of skipping is that it trains the legs to get off the ground in a short time. skipping exercises can train your ability to jump, bounce, run, and spin. So skipping is a warm-up technique in basketball that is highly recommended.


Example of Skipping Movement for Basketball Warm-up

the following are some kinds of movement in skipping:

1.Bounce step, is a jumping motion using 2 feet that must be closed and this is a basic movement

2. Alternate foot, is a movement such as walking in place which is carried out simultaneously with swinging a skipping rope.

3. Forward stadler, is a movement like a person in a kumite position in karate sports. The movement is like Jumping the right foot behind and dropping the left foot in front and then turning the skipping rope again. Perform the previous movement but with the opposite leg position, namely drop the right foot in front and the left foot behind, do the movement alternately continuously.

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Warming up by Jogging

Jogging is a warm-up technique for all sports, of course, before playing basketball. Warming up by jogging is used by many athletes so that the blood in the body is pumped smoothly. Doing jogging to warm up before playing a game of basketball can be done for about five minutes so that your body temperature increases. The purpose of this warm-up is to make you sweat a little, but not too much.

Warm up by Raising Toes Up

What does it mean to raise the toes up? Raising the Toes Up is a warm-up technique before playing a basketball game that is beneficial for stretching the shin muscles. This warm-up is done by raising and lifting our toes up where we walk with the heel of the foot as a pedestal. Warm up with this technique in basketball at least four times with each 10 meters apart or with a duration that we think is comfortable with a duration that is not too long. The purpose of warming up is to allow the body to stretch the shin muscles, this will certainly help optimize the body in playing basketball.