The Millennial Generation’s Most Liked Version of Learning Methods

The current millennial generation’s learning methods are different from previous generations. Even in education, this often happens. Therefore, sometimes there are differences of opinion between lecturers and students. Therefore, a better version of the millennial generation teaching method is needed.

Students’ Preferred Learning Method

Millennial generation students tend to like new things and challenges that are presented to them. Also suitable for certain methods when conducting training in lectures.

Learning Method by Creating Project

The first learning method can ask students to create a project. Giving students assignments rather than discussing theoretical problems will be more enthusiastic if the instructor packs them into the project. So later he will produce all the products that he will use as educational materials. This learning method is applicable to any subject. For example, in a language learning area, an instructor might assign students to compile a complete pronunciation book with audio recordings on DVD.

How? Is this something more interesting, or endless theoretical discussion? This learning method is also a means of problem learning. Students often fall asleep in class because the teacher only discusses theory and theory. These assignments hone the skills of our students to do their best. also gives you the ability to learn how to think and apply ideas to produce real products.

Learning Method with Video Learning

The next millennial version of the learning method is the use of videos in education. It can be more interesting and refreshing than constantly discussing and presenting in class. Whenever you have the opportunity to teach a class, as an instructor, record a video related to the topic you will be teaching in class. This makes lectures more interesting and engaging for students. Professional-like sound effects and high visual effects, so your videos don’t have to be long. However, lecturers can use a simple format if students can easily understand it. For example, put up videos that contain research or compounds on the body. Why do I sometimes have to do this? Because 4,444 students find it difficult to get lessons if they do not know how chemical reactions take place in the body.


Learning Method by Doing Real Observation

Subsequent learning methods can provide your students with observational assignments in the subject-based world of lectures. Of course you will be very happy because you can learn while traveling and meet many people. For this observation, have students write it down and report it as a science article. The study of polluted rivers, for example. What compounds or compounds are in the river so that the river can be polluted? Maybe it’s too difficult. Or, for example, I’m looking for a plant that can be used as medicine. Well, this works better than always telling them to read a book or magazine. The above examples can also be used as material for writing letters or other works.

Learning Methods Involving Current Issues

To apply this learning method, lecturers need to know more and know the latest issues so that their teaching methods can be accepted by students. So, today’s millennial students are more critical of current issues. This is because, in a classroom setting, discussions are more lively when students provide answers to new cases. In the classroom, sometimes in the canteen, they not only like to discuss current issues, but as the younger generation, they must be more sensitive to current issues than they used to be. Because in the course of the discussion something can be concluded. This teaching method is called Problem Based Learning (PBL).

Online Learning Methods

I think students will really like the online learning method, if lectures are conducted online and face-to-face communication with teachers. That way, students do not need to come to campus to attend lectures. How? For example, usually in the case of , the teacher uses the application as a textbook. And the app has a time limit. The name of the application does not need to be mentioned. You will learn later. This method applies when the instructor is unable to attend campus and cannot miss lectures. However, do not continue to use the app. Given the modern world, this does not mean we will stop meeting face to face. Media can use WA Groups, Telegram, etc.