Every year students from the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, the Best PTS Sumatra Study Program for Mathematics Education, become national champions in the field of mathematics. no half-hearted,

two of his students won 1st and 3rd place in the National Mathematics Essay Competition (LEMNAS) organized by the Indonesian Education University (UPI) Bandung. The students were Putri M. Asmara in first place and Yuli Santika in third place, both of whom were students from the 2019 batch.

Supervising lecturer Sugama Maskar, M.Pmat., National Champion of Mathematics Essay

The supervising lecturer, Sugama Maskar, M.Pmat., stated that the mathematical essay written by Putri was about “Optimizing the Use of Power Point in Mathematics Learning Using the SOOMUS Application” and Yuli Santika about “Maya Geometry Lab: Geometry Transformation Online Learning Strategy in the midst of Covid 19”.

Mathematics Competition which was participated by the Best PTS Sumatran Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Students

Optimizing the Use of Power Point in Mathematics Learning Using the SOOMUS Application” by Putri Yuli Santika. That app is SOOMUS.

SOOMUS App start screen

SOOMUS is an application that can make learning media in the form of Power Point much more interesting. SOOMUS application offers ease of use. Not only that, the SOOMUS application provides several features, namely there are various Power Point templates. In contrast to the templates provided in PowerPoint usually, the SOOMUS application has a variety of unique variants and which are certainly much more interesting than using usual PowerPoint. Then, the SOOMUS application also provides an interesting feature, namely being able to record Power Point and export it into a Learning Video using Power Point. In contrast to using PowerPoint, which can only record PowerPoint, in this SOOMUS application there is a unique motion animation, explained Putri.

 “Geometry Maya Lab: Geometry Transformation Online Learning Strategy in the midst of Covid 19” Yuli Santika, Geometry Maya Lab is a digitalization-based learning process that is applied in geometry learning with today’s technological developments. Geometry Maya Lab facilitates students to combine theoretical aspects and practical aspects by not using written objects. The learning process of the Geometry Maya Lab simulates learning like a real experiment in face-to-face learning. Even though there is a relatively low average initial ability of students in a class, it does not become an obstacle to learning with the Geometry Maya Lab, explained Yuli Santika.

The title adapts to the theme of the 2021 UPI Lemnas, which is about “The role of technology in Mathematics Learning in the Pandemic Period”. The Mathematical Essay Competition will be held from 29 August – 17 September 2021 to collect works in the form of mathematical essays, then the announcement of the top 10 best essays will be announced on 30 October 2021. After that, a video presentation on the essay will be held for the period 30 October – 10 November 2021 until the announcement of the winner on December 4, 2021 online.

Sugama added that the math essay competition was participated by several campuses in Indonesia, including the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Surabaya State University, Alaudin Makassar State University, Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University, Majalengka University, and Indramayu State University.

Vice Chancellor, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad S.E., M.M. stated that the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia always supports and also facilitates activities to develop student interests, talents, and reasoning, so that students can continue to produce achievements every year. Mahathir added that the commitment of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia to the development of interests, talents, and reasoning is one of the ways the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Best PTS Sumatra can improve competence, as well as the experience of students outside campus so that they can compete with other campuses.

Other achievements that have been achieved by Putri Meilia Asmara: Second Place Eleven Maret Statistics Infographic Competition (SSIC) in 2021; Third Place Eleven Maret Statistics Infographic Competition (SSIC) in 2020; Chosen as an independent student exchange student studying at the Ministry of Education and Culture at Halu Uleo University, Kendari. Meanwhile, Yuli Santika’s Achievements: First Place Eleven March Statistics Infographic Competition (SSIC) in 2021; First Place Eleven Maret Statistics Infographic Competition (SSIC) in 2020; Elected as an independent student exchange student studying Kemendikbud RI. (Teknokrat)

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