How to Become an Active and Achievement Student

The success or failure of students in carrying out the world of lectures is generally measured by the academic value they have achieved. However, what actually needs to be prepared by students to achieve this success at a young age? Here are some ways to be an active and outstanding student to achieve success from an early age.

1. Understand the explanation from the lecturer

The first way to become an active and outstanding student is to understand the explanation given by the lecturer. Make sure you prepare stationery and also your sense of hearing so that you can understand the explanation given by the lecturer.

With your enthusiasm to pay attention to every explanation from the lecturer, this will make you accustomed to sharpening your memory to obtain the information conveyed by the lecturer.

2. Active in class

Most students think that if there is a student who asks the lecturer or even his friends about the material, they are considered stupid. In fact, when a student asks something he doesn’t know, it is a process of understanding the material well.

Lecturers are wise enough , they will not think of students who ask as stupid, maybe your lecturer will give additional value for your enthusiasm in understanding the material presented. Therefore, try not to be shy about asking questions as a way to become an active and outstanding student.

3. Participate in seminars

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Those of you who have student status are required to participate in various kinds of seminars, because participating in these activities will help you to broaden your horizons, provide motivation and knowledge input, change your way of thinking and get new information that you may not get in class.

4. Read a lot

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In today’s era, it is rare for young people to read books or other scientific media to enrich their knowledge. In fact, reading can be one way to become an outstanding student.

Reading is a window of information that can connect the world to us. By knowing various kinds of information, our insight becomes wider and will connect when spoken to by anyone. No exception reading chemistry books .

How to become an active and outstanding student can be done by growing the intention from our hearts. To achieve success is not an easy thing, but all that we can get if we want to try.