Teknokrat English Competition
Saturday, 07 December 2019

Teknokrat English Competition

Teknokrat English Competition (T-Comp) is an annual interschool English competition for senior high schools in Lampung province organized by Teknokrat English Club. This year, the theme “Pave Your Way to Success”. This theme aims to encourage students to take action and continue to shape their future. We invite all creative and competitive students in Lampung to interpret the theme and spread its spirit joining the following competitions:

a. Debate
Style : British Parliamentary (1 team: 2 members).
Motion : impromptu
Round : 3 preliminary, pre-semi, semi final and final.
Quota : 24 teams.
Reg fee : Rp 150,000

b. Quick and Smart
Materials : English grammar, world facts, current issues.
Round : Preliminary, Semifinal, Final.
Quota : 20 teams (1 team: 3 persons).
Reg fee : Rp 125,000

c. Scrabble
Style : Single (for beginner and master)
Beginner: for those who have never won any district and/or provincial competitions
Master: for those who have won a district and/or provincial competition
Round : 7 rounds
Quota : 50 participants for beginner, 30 participants for master
Reg fee : Rp 80,000

d. News Casting
Round : Preliminary (reading self-composed news about “Successful People Own the World”
Semifinal (presenting live report)
Final (presenting talkshow)
Quota : 30 participants
Reg fee : Rp 80,000

e. Speech

Round : Preliminary (5 minutes, topic “Be the Change You Want to See”
Semifinal (5 minutes, topics will be given after preliminary round)
Final (5 minutes, table topics/mystery box)
Quota : 30 participants
Reg fee : Rp 80,000

f. Story Telling
Round : Preliminary (5-7 minutes, self-composed story “Conquer Your Challenges” Final (5 minutes, story from slides and sound)
Quota : 30 participants
Reg fee : Rp 80,000

g. Wall Magazine
Type : 3D with “ 150cm x100 cm dimension
Round : Creating and Presenting wall magazine
Theme : “Push Your Limit”
Quota : 20 participants
Reg fee : Rp 80,000

h. Presenting Idea
Type : 5-minute prepared presentation using slides
Theme : Students are to prepare three following topics. In technical meeting, the students will get one of these topics. “Engange with the World” “Define Your Own Version of Success”
Quota : 20 participants
Reg fee : Rp 80,000

i. Composing & Reading Poetry
Type : Students are to compose a poetry that should be submitted in technical meeting. Students will have poetry reading in the competition day.
Theme : “Start Now, Right Here”
Quota : 25 participants
Reg fee : Rp 80,000

j. English-Indonesian Translation
Round : Preliminary (English-Indonesian article)
Final (English-Indonesian literary text)
Note : Students are allowed to bring printed dictionary
Quota : 30 participants
Reg fee : Rp 80,000

Time and Place
a. Registration Date : Day/Date : 14 January – 18 February 2019
Time : 09:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.
Place : Secretariat of Teknokrat Festival 2019
Building B FSIP, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

Contact Person:
Zelin Prastika : 082177024695
Qadriza Claudya : 082281198528
Instagram : tec_teknokrat

b. Technical Meeting
Day, Date : Monday, 18 February 2019
Time : 1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Place : Auditorium Building A, 4th floor

c. Competition Days
Day, Date : Wednesday and Thursday, 20 - 21 February 2019
Time : 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Place : Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

III. Prizes
 Trophy for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner
 Trophy for the general winner
 Cash Money
 Certificate for the winners
 Certificate for the supervising teachers

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